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Meet singles in the Isle of Wight with eHarmony

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Meet singles on the Isle of Wight

Finding the right romance for you!  Dating in the Isle of Wight with

With roughly half of the island being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you'd think that Isle of Wight singles would be falling in love all over the place.  Or at least you would, if you believed that the designation took account of people in said areas, rather than just hills.

Sadly, discovering someone you personally find attractive (beauty, being so subjective, is very hard to pin down), can be a real struggle.  Add to this that said treasure has to be single too, straight, gay or lesbian, and be interested in you, dating in the Isle of Wight suddenly seems about as easy as getting Darth Vader to rumba.

Still, with a nice cosy position south of the UK mainland, with Portsmouth,  Bournemouth, and Southampton nearby, the Isle of Wight dating scene has a lot going for it.  From rural idyll (there's a lot of that here), to the cities of Hampshire and Dorset, there's something for everyone.  With such potential, all you need is that elusive partner, and you can find them with a dating website like eHarmony

So whether you're chilling in Yarmouth, working away in Newport or wistfully watching the ferries in Cowes, it's easy to create an eHarmony profile, look through your free to review matches for the most intriguing among them, and wait to see who snaps you up.  Or, if you're feeling impatient, get chatting yourself with your favourite suggestion, and once you've had a chat or two, it's easy to ask them out on a date.



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Wonders of the Isle

There's loads to do, whether it's relaxing on the gorgeous sandy beaches between Ventnor and Sandown or supping on Satan's nectar in one of the many pubs across the Isle's isolated villages.  Dating gems crop up where you least expect them - Forresters Wine Bar and Bistro in Yarmouth adds a real city feel to what is otherwise a fairly sleepy coastal town, while Ventnor's El Toro Contentor adds Spanish tapas to a not especially exotic settlement.

Meanwhile, for those who like a date with less focus on eating and drinking, there's always the option of cycling around or across the Isle, or sitting back and watch others do the hard work during the jousting at Carisbrooke Castle.  If you're sick of the Isle's own scenery, the South Downs and the New Forest are just a ferry away.

A more...unusual date can be found at the Isle of Wight Zoo.  While a bit run down, and largely a home for elderly tigers and lemurs, for a fair bit of extra money the two of you can feed the animals - whether that involves cuddling up with the lemurs or squirting milk into the gaping maws of the big cats.  It's hardly free dating but it's certainly something you'll remember!

If you're a model of orthodoxy and sensible dating however, follow in the footsteps of a real no-nonsense person, with a visit to Osborne House, Queen Victoria's palatial retreat, which beats Balmoral hands down.  While the stately rooms and gardens here are impressive enough, you'll both be touched by the more personal rooms - where monarchs could be the one thing the world rarely let's them be - themselves.

I said there were a lot of things to do didn't I?  Why not find that special someone to do them with, with the eHarmony dating website for amazing matches?  Who knows who you might see?


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