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Dating in Canterbury: Romantic Tales

In the heart of the ‘garden of England’ lies Canterbury; an English city with a real sense of individuality. Characterised by the cathedral – an enduring and glorious sight to signal you are home – it is a location where the past is seamlessly blended in with the buzz of contemporary living. The cobbled streets and (actual) crooked houses create the feeling that Chaucer could appear round any corner. The soundtrack is a strange intermingling of enthusiastic buskers, lively chatter of the city’s professional singles and old timers – alongside the excited click-click of the tourist’s camera.

For Canterbury singles, the city is there to endlessly entertain. Whether you are a foodie, a music enthusiast or merely feel more at home in a pub than anywhere else on earth – there’ll be a date location for you. Here are a few Canterbury dating ideas to consider!


When the weather’s nice, Canterbury folk tend to zoom in on beer gardens and any patch of grass that isn’t already earmarked by a gaggle of students. (And there are a lot of students here. The city’s three universities ensure that). For a free dating idea which guarantees a bit of alone time, why not head to a more secluded spot? Gardens – Westgate and Dane John in particular – are perfect open air spaces for a picnic or a stroll among the flowers. Alternatively, an enjoyable and romantic way to explore the city would be to take catch one of the Canterbury Historic River Tours. Each forty minute trip takes in various historic sites; from the oldest bit of architecture in the country to the grand old Dominican Priories – it’s one of the real pleasures of Canterbury. If the weather isn’t quite so Spring-like (typical) – then this doesn’t have to spell the end of your daytime date. Take shelter in the cathedral, or visit one of the many museums – West Gate, Museum of Canterbury, or even Rupert Bear!


Come night-time, the pubs of Canterbury truly come alive. If you’re on a pub crawl it’s more than likely you won’t remember much about the end – with the amount in this city you could go on for days! If you want to stay sensible and meet up for a drink or two with your date, choose the Parrot or the Dolphin for a quiet one. If one of your matches loves music, put a song on the jukebox at the Cherry Tree or Lady Luck. Finally, if a cocktail is what you’re after – the cool atmosphere of Bramley’s would be sure to suit most Canterbury singles.

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So what’s it going to be? Dinner at Deesons - one of the finest restaurants in town, a play at the Marlowe theatre, or drinks and dancing at The Cuban? We said the possibilities were endless!

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