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Asking the gods of Accrington dating...Does he like me?

Ever come back from a first date, swimming with euphoria, absolutely positive that you’ve just shared a corner booth and bowl of spicy nachos with ‘the one’? And then spent the following week glued to the phone (which doesn’t ring), questioning first the efficiency of your phone company, and then his. Pondering what terrible maladies he could have been struck with, or why he’s had to leave the country so unexpectedly without even having a chance to call. Of course; he isn’t ever going to call! It may have been a magical evening for you, but it was just a big old night of ‘blah’ for him.

It may be the birth place of Mystic Meg, but we can’t all be clairvoyants, so what about us mere mortal Accrington singles ? How do we work out whether our date was truly meaningful, or just another evening of white noise to that so-called special companion?

Learn to read the signs

- Mirror image

How’s your date standing, is his body lining up with yours (toe to toe, heart to heart)? Is she mimicking your gestures? (When you brush your face, does she brush her face)? When you speak does she nod and tilt her head to one side, or generally hang on your every word? If yes – these are really promising signs for a second date.

- Inching Closer

Does your date lean closer when you speak? Does she push her wine glass towards you, play with menus, or generally try to close the gap between you?

- Flirty Gestures

Is she smiling? Like, a lot? Extended eye contact? What about biting the lower lip? (Hers not yours – though that’s a good sign too), playing with hair or jewellery?

You’ll want to make sure he isn’t: folding his arms, leaning away from you or avoiding/ throwing you the bare minimum eye contact – these are all disaster signs.

- Grooming Behaviour

Is your date smoothing down their clothes or hair, reapplying lipstick, repeatedly crossing or uncrossing her legs or standing broad and tall, throwing back his shoulders? If the answers are yes, chances are – this Accy single’s hell-bent on showing themselves off to someone who's really got their interest, and that's likely you!


Go somewhere appropriate

There’s no point taking your date out to a concert, a club or the cinema and trying to assess their body language. Try a Accrington dating idea that encourages conversation, where you can present you true self for your date to get to know and then see how they respond. A drink in a bar? Accrington has plenty; The Last Orders, Calder, The Railway? It’s simple and easy to cram into tight schedules for professional singles or dating parents.

If you’re a little strapped for cash, just a walk along the River Hyndburn can be a totally effortless free dating idea.




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Dating in Accrington with eHarmony...

Some people are just hard to read. You may leave a date with stony Mr. Poker face, absolutely certain that that’s that chapter closed before it even got started – only to have him call first thing next morning. It’s easier if you meet via an Accrington dating site, as you can tell instantly whether you’re going to have anything in common – if you go onto that date certain of your intrinsic compatibility all you need to be looking out for are the signs of smoking hot chemistry – easy.  eHarmony selects Accrington singles for you to date based on shared compatibility, so you can be more confident of a sensational romance!

It's free to review matches and we bet you'll like what you'll see.  Which matches will you receive?  Fill out eHarmony's cunning questionnaire, and you could find out.


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