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Dating in Blackburn

The three tiers: dating in Blackburn.

 There’s nothing quite like that first date feeling; our palms are sweaty, and our belly teeming with butterflies as we wait by the bar, smoothing our hair and wondering what the evening will bring. But first dates aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation, and they should be approached differently according to your own personal situation.

So before you start planning that magical meeting check out our three tiers of dating and see where you and your match fit in:

We met in a club

Okay, so if you met on a night out it’s safe to assume that you didn’t get a whole lot of talking done, and aside from the odd texted titbit you probably don’t know that much about one other either, so when it comes to first dating , we’d say – play it safe; a drink in a bar is probably your best bet (everyone likes a drink). It’s casual and non committal (and it’s easy to make your excuses and leave if Saturday night’s Mr Dreamy turns out to be Mr Dreary, without being tied down to a further two courses). Just make sure you take them to a quiet pub where you can sit and chat, because an evening of 'what?'s and 'pardon?'s isn't the best.  As it happens, there are loads of potential Blackburn dating hot spots; The Bulls Head, Read Lion and Aqueduct Inn are all great choices for this kind of casual rendezvous.

We met on a dating website

If it was less the hand of fate and more the click of a mouse that brought this pair of Blackburn singles together then things just got a whole lot easier; you already know you like one another, something drew you to their profile and whether it was their deep  green eyes or their undying love of Northern Soul there’s definitely something concrete there for you to build on. Why not try an extended dinner date? Whalley Range Bazaar is Blackburn’s vibrant and historic Asian quarter, and it’s a buzzing culinary hub with enough authentic restaurants, cafes and supermarkets to rival Manchester’s famous ‘Curry Mile.’  If you're dating in Blackburn then you can do a lot worse than to add some spice here.

The best thing about meeting your matches online via a Blackburn dating site is that it gives you an opportunity to get creative when planning a date.  After all, you've plenty of time to talk to them, or even study their profile a little to get a few ideas.  Maybe they’d appreciate a tour of Twaites Brewery, mountain biking in the West Pennine Moors or a date in Blackburn’s Museum and Art Gallery?  If in doubt, just ask - with eHarmony, your matches are highly compatible with you, and are quite likely to share at least some of your interests.


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We were friends first

Lucky you! Actually, why are you even reading this guide? The great thing about moving from platonic friendship to romantic entanglement is that you already have a bunch of vital intel. It’s like starting on the 5th date right from the beginning.  Of course, it can feel a bit weird at first making this transition, so maybe plan a date that features alcohol for when any unexpected bouts of nerves strike. Do make it special; a gig to see their favourite band for instance. Blackburn has a buzzing live music scene, with the Live Lounge, Sir Charles Napier, Mollys and BarZooka all being great options.

Enjoy the expertise of eHarmony, and the fun of a fantastic date.  Register now, review your matches for free, and discover some of the fabulous online dating Blackburn has to offer.


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