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Meet singles in Bury

If you're dating in Bury but are seriously thinking about looking for a long term relationship, consider eHarmony.  As a leading dating website which matches singles based on shared aspirations and values, we help you find a longer lasting date, that could become so much more.  Try eHarmony today, and see!

The big three dating disasters, and how to move past them

You’re first dating in Bury and things are going...less than perfect. Part of you may want to make your excuses and leave, and write it off as one for the archives, but here at eHarmony we feel you should stick things out and give this Bury hopeful a second chance:

Beer-goggles failure

So you could have sworn he was a dead ringer for Channing Tatum in The Roxy on Saturday night, but here he stands before you this evening; a good 3 inches shorter than you and sporting very questionable footwear. All you want to do is run home and lock yourself up with a Dawson’s Creek boxset, but wait! Don’t be so hasty. Too many Bury singles write off potential matches because they “aren’t their type” when if they’d stuck around they could have discovered a real gem. Of course, there needs to be mutual attraction and chemistry for a relationship to work, but these things often develop over time. Just because it’s not love at first sight, don’t dump him on the Bury dating no-hopers heap.

He’s a nervous wreck

You can’t help but notice that your dinner companion has a not-so-slight quiver in his voice, trembling hands and appears to be sweating through his shirt and blazer. Nervous dates are the worst. It’s hard to get to know one other while simultaneously ignoring the great big, trembling elephant in the room, but do give your date a second chance. He probably really likes you so it may take a few outings to get past these initial jitters. He may be better when he’s somewhere he feels most comfortable. Ask him to recommend a favourite bar, park or peaceful spot along the River Irwell for your second date. You could even watch a movie or have a meal over at his place if you're really feeling confident.

Your date gets drunk

Things started out great, but 10 frozen margaritas’ later, your car-crash of a date’s behaviour is enough to make even Lilo blush. This is a tricky one, her over-indulgence could have stemmed from a number of reasons: nerves, an empty stomach, or just plain poor judgement, and if there was definite dating potential prior to this, we would suggest giving it a second shot; only this time sticking to a daytime date activity (aka sans alcohol). The Fusilier Museum or the town Museum and Art Gallery are both great ways to pass the time with interesting things. Or a stroll along the Irwell Sculpture Trail (from Bacup to Salford Quays) would make for a fantastically simple free dating idea.



Find love online


First dates can be scary but meeting your matches online via a Bury dating site like eHarmony can relieve some of that trepidation.  After all, with eHarmony, the matches have been picked based on just how compatible they are with you - if you suit the Bury singles we recommend, the dates are sure to be better because you could just hit it off right away.  That's not all either, because compatibility means more than just good dates - it can also lead to better relationships!

 For the most extensive online dating Bury has to offer, why not register with eHarmony?  With free to review matches and the support of an expert dating site, it's a great first step towards that sensational new romance. 


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