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If your dating back catalogue reads like a who’s who of human failures, it’s easy to become disheartened with dating in Leigh after a while, and you'd rather just kick back with a book.  Even with the nice guys, sometimes things just don’t work out.

And there are some certain situations where we definitely must be able to call things a day, realise that there are plenty more fish in the Leigh dating sea and continue being a believer.  After all, love is out there.  You just need to go and find it.

4 common troubles in romance:

1.       Things are getting serious with a date, and then some major, deal-breaking character flaw rears its ugly head.

Whether that’s a foul temper, intolerable laugh or an unworkable Leona Lewis obsession, everybody has their limits, and, even when dating someone you really like, being faced with an aspect of their personality that you just can’t deal with can feel like Sophie’s Choice. It’s okay to call time on this relationship but do stay a believer.  And while not even a dating website can predict an annoying giggle, they can keep out bad matches in other ways.  For example, eHarmony will only suggest Leigh singles who share something with you on a deep down level, so you're likely to quickly discover a passion for your date strong enough that you can ignore the flaws.

2.       You had that crazy magical, straight-from-a-movie first date...but then he never calls.

Something doesn’t quite add up here; he may have suffered some horrible accident that’s left him with without a phone/amnesia but it’s more likely that the night wasn’t as perfect as you remember. It’s easy to get carried away when dating someone we like – thinking there’s something there when there isn’t. Don’t get hung up on him. Move on. As we said earlier, there are plenty more fish in the Leigh dating sea.

3.       We never see each other

The problem with meeting dates through traditional channels, is that you can’t always be sure of how compatible your lifestyles are until you’re in too deep. 9-5 Professional singles getting involved with bartenders obviously isn’t going to work, just because of wildly different working hours, likewise with Leigh singles and potential matches from Manchester, Sheffield or Birmingham who have distance to compete with. There’s nothing worse than having to call time on a relationship that’s fizzled into near non-existence because of unsuited schedules. With eHarmony you know roughly where each single lives, and it's easy to chat and check online, before you get too far in.

4.       We always argue

You may have oodles of chemistry but if your outlooks differ greatly on those big issues like religion, children, or politics you’re never going to work as a couple. It may feel exciting at first to be in one of those fiery relationships with sparks flying all over the place but this can get old quickly, leaving you bitter and frustrated.  If things are getting serious, and there are still issues you have, try and talk them through.  And if you spend more time unhappy than happy in a relationship, then you need to end it. 



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