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The City of Firsts: Dating in Preston with

You were the UK's first KFC connoisseurs, patrons of the first concrete road and winners of the first football league. Prestonians, you hail from a city of firsts; a long lineage of getting things started – so first dates should be something that comes quite naturally to you.  

If it isn’t, don’t fret, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1.       Go some place you can talk

As you'll know by now, you can't have a successful first date without a lot of conversation, and a fun one at that.  So unless you’re capable of transferring vibratory current through your seat, it's always better to avoid the cinemas, theatres and anywhere else where talking is going to be an issue.

Instead, the weeknight ‘getting-a-couple-of-drinks’ date has become the first choice of many and with good reason too; it’s brief, non-committal and the drinks help to calm your nerves.  If you're dating in Preston then avoid the student pubs, or Friday nights, and head somewhere classy like Forum or Manyanas.  This is a great option for professional singles with cash to splash as much as it is anyone with work in the morning - you're less likely to drink more than you should with a quieter, more romantic atmosphere.

If your evenings are usually tied, why not meet for lunch or coffee during the day? Even something as simple as a quiet stroll through Avenham Park could serve as a great free dating idea .

2.       Be confident

Some Preston singles struggle with strangers, but with eHarmony, there's really no excuse to worry. eHarmony matches you with other people based on shared compatibility, plus you'll have plenty of time to get to know your date online.  So don’t for one second think that the person sitting across the table from you is anything other than your dating equal.  If the butterflies are out in force, an outer re-vamp can immediately boost your inner poise so if a new outfit, haircut and day of pampering is what it’s going to take for you to feel worthy of your date, then splash out!  Dating is all about having fun after all!

3.       Plan the second date on the first

A common scenario with singles on the Preston dating scene runs like this: you go on a fantastic date with somebody you really like. You laugh, you joke, you flirt – you spend the entire next day basking in the after-glow of being around “the one.”  And then you never hear from them again!


Because you didn’t plan your second date at the close of your first.  If someone ends the evening with a casual “this is great, we should do it again sometime” they sound vague, and non-committal.  So if you really do like someone, be sure to let them know, and ask them out on another date, at a specific time.

Look on the bright side

If you do all this and still, nada – don’t be down. You never can tell what’s going on in another person’s life; work pressures, family problems or messy ‘ex’ situations – so don’t take this rejection as a personal attack on you.



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Dates are two a'penny online, though that can be hard to believe.  However, what most people want isn't quantity but quality, the kind of dates you'll remember with a smile and sigh for the rest of your life.

At eHarmony, we don't list every single in the area, because a lot of them just plain aren't right for you - they might be too old, have faith differences, or your personalities might cause sparks, the bad kind.  Instead, eHarmony matches rather than lists, introducing you to a small, select group of people it judges you likely to get on well with.  It's free to review matches so come and see if we've the right idea, and join eHarmony today.


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