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Wallasey online dating the eHarmony way

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Dating in Wallasey: a town that inspires

eHarmony, and dating in Wallasey

The name Wallasey comes from the Germanic word Walha, meaning stranger (which, incidentally, is where the name Wales’ originated). But where did this very British fear of strangers spring from? After all, many strangers make for amazing dates - you just have to know which ones.

eHarmony can help you find out, because it's one of the few UK dating sites that determines just how compatible two people are.  There's likely a small but significant number of Wallasey singles with whom you have real potential, and eHarmony finds these matches for you.  It's one way to make dating in Wallasey better, so why not try it today?

Three simple ideas for successful Wallasey dating:

Invite them out to dinner

They might like it! Of course, dinner dates require some measure of commitment, so be sure to get to know your date fairly well first. An ominous dinner invite from a perfect stranger over a dating website is hardly going to leave them scrambling for their hat and coat; but a few flirty messages here and there, a couple traded stories and laughs beforehand, and they’re bound to accept it graciously.

In terms of restaurants, you’re spoiled for choice here in Wallasey; Mezze, with its enormous, mouth-watering menu, warm atmosphere and in-house entertainment can make for a wonderful evening. The staff will never rush you through your meal, leaving plenty of time for the evening to unfold at your own pace and get to know your date in peaceful surroundings.

Invite them for lunch

Seeing as how you’re still technically strangers and all, your date may feel more comfortable going for lunch or coffee during the day. This is much shorter and less intimidating than a full-blown dinner date, and is ideal for working and professional singles who've a lunch hour to fill.  There's one more added bonus too; it lends itself to an easy getaway should your mysterious stranger turn out to be just plain strange. Cafe Sage in Wallasey Village comes very highly recommended, as does Brigitte’s Tea Rooms.


Take a walk

The beauty of the daytime date is that it can be so easily extended should you find yourselves really hitting it off. Wallasey Village is close to idyllic Harrison Park and beyond that is the stunning Liverpool Bay – perfect for a post lunch stroll, scenic walks being the staple of any free dating enthusiast. For the cosmopolitan couple, New Brighton, just a short drive away, is gearing up to be the trendiest new location on the Wirral Peninsula.  Featuring  a cinema, theatre, fairground, and an assortment of pubs and cafes, it’s really set to be the default Wallasey dating destination.

Why not get a little closer in a Quadricycle?  A four wheeled bicycle, it’s an excellent alternative to exploring the coastline on foot, and it’s certainly a talking point. Work together to cycle up to the New Brighton lighthouse, where you can paddle in the sea, explore the rock pools or chomp down on some cucumber sandwiches on the rocks – you’ll be best of pals in next to no time.

If you're looking for a Wallasey dating site, try eHarmony

You never know what an impact somebody can have on your life. Even if none of your eHarmony matches materialise into anything resembling a long term romance, they can become great friends, good teachers or future match-makers. Or, of course, they could turn out to be the man or woman of your dreams.  It's all about reaching out, and seeing for yourself.  Try our questionnaire for free today, and experience the best online dating Wallasey has to offer.


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