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City dating in Middlesex

Technically, technically it may be England’s second smallest county, but if we’re talking the sheer density of the, well...stuff shoved into it, this place is enormous! It’s almost entirely swallowed up by that sprawling den of iniquity which is London, so possible dating activities are ten-a-penny.  Yet the name Middlesex still persists, and there are still a fair few people who will happily, if slightly ironically announce that they are Middlesex singles rather than the more common London variety.

Fair enough, after all, those on the Middlesex dating scene can get so wrapped up in the delights of the big smoke, that they forget everything else the county has to offer. So eHarmony has compiled a list of all the county’s lesser known gems:

1.       Strawberry picking in Enfield

If you’re dating in Middlesex sometime between June and October and in search of something that’s going to highlight your charming, sweet and romantic nature, why not invite your date along to an afternoon of fruit and veg picking on Parkside Farm in Enfield? Strawberries, plums, blackberries, tomatoes, green beans, courgettes...they grow a gigantic selection of produce especially for PYO purposes in the rolling (but totally accessible) green belt countryside.

2.       Virtual planes in Heathrow

So it’s your turn to plan the date and you are completely at a loss at how to impress your gorgeous male companion? Surprise him with a trip to the Virtual Aviation Flight Simulator at London Heathrow and he’ll probably love you forever. It’s normally reserved for pilot training (so you know it’s going to be good) and enables him to take control of a $10 million Airbus or Boeing full motion flight simulator.

3.       Pet horses in Teddington

If you prefer your transport a little less engineered and a little more cute and cuddly, Park Lane Stables might be a more suitable date location. They welcome anyone from complete beginners to dressage masters so it’s a great place to introduce your date to this much loved hobby or start as newbies together. Combine your love of booze with your love of horses, book yourselves onto a ‘Pub Ride’ and walk, trot or canter across Bushy Park, through the streets of Teddington and directly to the Queen Adelaide public house where you and your 4-legged friends can enjoy a well-deserved drink (virgin for the long nosed fellow).

4.       Park life in Enfield

If you’re looking for a laid back, free dating idea where you and your date can be free to chat to your heart’s content, the Capel Manor Gardens could make for an idyllic backdrop. With over 60 magnificent gardens for you to wander through, including an Italian Maize, stunning Japanese and brand new Australian garden – you’ll forget the world in no time and just get lost in one another’s stories. Bring along a picnic too and you really will have no reason to leave...ever!



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