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Highbrow dating in King's Lynn

QI brainiac Stephen Fry has a home here, (you can’t get rid of him), which means that there must be something tickling his prefrontal cortex in this charming, Norfolk market town. And there is! There’s more history and culture here than you could shake a stick at.

Here at eHarmony, we believe that with a little intelligence, you can solve anything.  That's why we take a scientific approach to dating, making matches between single people based on certain shared traits and an innate compatibility, all of which are uncovered by a questionnaire.  Try it for yourself!  It's free to review matches so you can see who's out there, and maybe waiting for someone like you.

Now, as anyone who ever watched Fry in Blackadder or QI knows, King's Lynn singles are a bunch of smarty pants, so we’ve put together a list of intellectual dating ideas to keep you and your brainy beauty occupied on those all important early dates:

1.       Oxburgh Hall

It’s a traditional 15th Century, moated, country manor house complete with ‘priest hole’ and a fascinating history. You and your sapient sweetheart can explore all the building's nooks and crannies together, before wandering around the stately grounds.  You can even enjoy a leisurely picnic in the gardens; ideal for a casual early date.

2.       Lynn Museum

As you already know, the town has a rich history, so if you're dating in King's Lynn why not consider getting to know it a bit more? With the Lynn museum you can get a closer look at the Iceni tribe, Bronze Age artefacts and Medieval Norfolk.

As dates go, museum trips are often good for conversation if you aren't yet sure of common ground, so this is a definite must for a teetotal first date alternative. Browsing through stuffed tigers, ancient relics and fiddling around with interactive displays is sure to keep chatter fresh and dynamic but doesn’t put strain on you to talk all of the time! And the constant changing of rooms gives the illusion of many dates rolled into one.



3.       Pub Quiz

When brainy daters tire of acquiring new knowledge, they can always highlight what they do know over a couple of pints with a local pub quiz. The King's Lynn dating scene is bursting at the seams with places offering Crabbies and conundrums.  Take the Angel Pub and Restaurant for instance, a traditional West Norfolk boozer in the nearby village of Watlington. Impress your date with your supreme sports trivia knowledge, or uncover some more shared interests as you argue over the answers.

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