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Dating in Scarborough the eHarmony way

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Dating in Scarborough for creative techies

It may have found fame as Yorkshire's largest seaside resort, but in recent years Scarborough has been making waves further inland, as hub of creative and digital entrepreneurship. With urban regeneration and countless start-ups cropping up all over the shop, an increasing number of Scarborough singles are finding themselves working in the digi-sphere.

So how do you cater to the dating needs of this growing population? If you’re new to the tech industry and unsure about how to date a girl as a tech guy, read on below...

1.       Take her for ‘independent coffee’

Forget Starbucks and Costa, the independent coffee shop is the natural habitat of the creative media type, so you and your date should feel right at home. It’s the perfect Scarborough dating destination come rain or shine; on drizzly November dates, Scarborough singles can take refuge here, find a snug corner to nestle up in, and debate your favourite minimalist playlists together over a hot chocolate or two. Or drop by in summer and enjoy iced lattes in sundrenched surroundings. It’s totally non-committal too, and is easy for working and/or professional singles to fit into their lunch break.  Harbour View, Eat Me, and the Daisy Tea Rooms are all great.

2.       Art gallery

If you know your art, this is a perfect opportunity to impress your date with your cultural prowess. Luckily for those people dating in Scarborough, the town has got a great little gallery. The Crescent, housed in a beautiful Georgian terrace, contains some fine paintings by Atkinson Grimshaw and Lord Leighton. It’s not going to break any boundaries in terms of cutting edge modernism but it’ll certainly offer a few pretty pictures to look at (if you can tear your eyes away from your date that is). Not creative or digital enough for you? You aren’t too far from Sheffield, Hull or Leeds, for any artistic offerings they could bring to the table.

3.       Draw one another in the park

Or tell your favourite jokes, or read aloud passages from your favourite books... or skip all that creative stuff entirely and have a quiet picnic and wander. Whatever you choose to do, in the depths of idyllic Peasholm Park you’ll feel completely at easy and ready to get to know one another inside out.  And the wonderful thing about public parks is that they're full of potential for a wealth of free dating activities - bring your dog if you have one, or equipment for badminton/frisbee.


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