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Nottingham, most famous for its links to legendary Robin Hood, is a unique and fascinating city. With roots traceable back to 600AD it has had no problem adapting to the modern age and today, is an eclectic mix of old and new. We’ve put together some Nottingham dating ideas to help you make the most of this intriguing city:

Based at Nottingham’s old courthouse, The Galleries of Justice Museum is a great way for Nottingham singles to delve into the chilling past of crime and punishment. For a quirky Nottingham dating idea that will certainly score you oodles of originality points, bring your date along to a Victorian Murder Mystery dinner party. For an early date, this will certainly act as a strong ice-breaker.

For music lovers, dating in Nottingham certainly doesn’t disappoint; plenty of vintage record shops, and music cafés for you and your date to idly route through. Rob’s Records, signposted on cardboard by the near-illegible scrawl of a seemingly mad-man, is perhaps the most chaotic, yet charming record shop in the country. Trawling through the debris for hidden vinyl gems would be a wonderfully simple free dating idea that can be followed by a tuneful evening out. The city houses a number of music venues of varying sizes. The Glee Club, is a strictly intimate affair where the audience- mostly seated, sometimes standing- is subjected to a rich, almost ethereal live-music experience. With genres ranging from jazz and blues through to soul and roots there’s certainly something for everyone.

If it’s a quieter watering-hole you’re after, the curiously named, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub is a lovely choice. Allegedly Britain’s oldest pub, its interior is a cavernous space, dug into the rock surrounding Nottingham Castle. It has a unique atmosphere and is a great setting in which to get to know one of your matches.

For a little more history, explore the city beneath the city – the whole world of caves that descend into original Anglo-Saxon tunnels directly underneath the city streets! An eye-opening Nottingham dating idea; you and your date will meet real cave-dwellers and learn about how the caves have been used and adapted over the Centuries by local runaways.

Or for an art gallery with a twist, head to Creswell Crags – home to Britain’s only known Ice Age Cave Art. Thought to date back about 13,000 years, the paintings provide a glimpse into the rich and fascinating lives of our distant relatives.



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