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Dating in Oxford

Happily occupying the middle ground between Swindon and Milton Keynes, Oxford has found fame for all the right reasons - as a place of learning.  Almost every tourist expects each city resident to be a towering pillar of wisdom and knowledge.  If you haven't invented flying cars by the end of the  conversation, they'll likely be disappointed.  Fortunately, you can swot up at one of Oxford's numerous quirky educational places, some of which are great for a date.

Try the University Museum of Natural History, which provides an attractive variety of slightly dead animals and some excellent opportunities for placing heads in the jaws of gargantuan reptiles.  A connection leads to the Pitt Rivers Museum, an absolute treasure trove of the weird and fascinating.  The grotesque shrunken heads for one will always lead to an interesting conversation.

Much like Cambridge, Oxford is known for punting.  Try it yourself with your date, or simply take them out for a romantic meal on the riverside - the Cherwell Boathouse Restaurant is a good choice.  If you wish to continue the classy Oxford activities, find your date's favourite author at the Oxford Literary Festival, or share a bottle of Pimms at Cornbury, dubbed 'Poshstock'.

Otherwise, pay homage to Sir Christopher Wren with a visit to the Sheldonian Theatre he designed - concerts are pretty much the staple here.  If you're looking for true theatre however, The Apollo picks up the slack in the drama department.  There's even comedy, to help your date be happy, relaxed and full of laughter.

If you've lived in the city all your life however and yawn at the soliloquising over 'dreaming spires', remember the world outside.  The Cotswolds are a short drive west, and a walk here is a perfect idea for those on a budget and looking for free dating activities.

 And while you're in the hills, remember that dating animal lovers could hardly do better than to visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park, which seems to have obtained more than a fair slice of African mammals.  The pubs this way are almost always excellent - they often have to be to survive - and a meal in an area of outstanding natural beauty is a sure way to light up your date with gorgeous surrounds.

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More than ivory towers: quality Oxford dating with eHarmony

 Detractors accuse Oxford of being a little bit full of itself, but it has every right to be, hosting one of the most famous universities in the world.  The place was the ruling city during the Civil War, and is said to have the dubious honour of being Hitler's first choice as the UK's capital after a successful Nazi invasion.

For all that, the sad truth of the matter is that you don't get to be the best without working hard and this eats into your time for love.  Meeting romantically minded matches becomes harder when drowning in the world of work, and so a dating website like eHarmony can really help you reach out.

Plus, with eHarmony's special matching system, you won't be swamped with completely unsuitable people, but rather we'll highlight the best Oxford singles for you, the ones who share certain things that make a relationship possible.

The passion, well, the passion is down to you.  So connect with eHarmony, and discover some of the best online dating Oxford has to offer.


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