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Dating in Shrewsbury the eHarmony way

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Dating in Shrewsbury - five great ideas:

1.       Take a hawk on a walk...

If you're both sick of the same old dinner dates (and your date might not be, so ask!), then Hawks on Walks is a unique experience that you're sure to remember.  With a quick lesson on how to hold and call the birds, you'll be walking off into the countryside with winged friends flying overhead and landing on your hand at your call.

2.       Parks and picnics...

A traditional alternative to the restaurant, enjoy some homemade food in Quarry Park, a riverside space where intimacy and quiet rule above all else - except when the dragon boats are racing!

3.       Play the explorer...

A little way out into the countryside lies Hawkstone Park, an old stately home now converted into a hotel.  In the grounds lie the follies - old lonely towers, cave systems, a ruined castle and so much more.  Take your date on a walk of wonder, getting to know each other better as you make discovery after discovery, any one of which is bound to help the conversation keep going.

4.       Enter a costume drama...

Another stately home, Attingham Park is an impressive place to look around, with a deer park to boot.  Go on a Wednesday, when staff dress up in Regency costume, adding to the feel of an already fantastic day out.

5.       Enjoy the theatrics...

One better than the Odeon is Theatre Severn - where the main auditorium plays host to dance, drama, live music and comedy.  Keep an eye out for what's on, and enjoy.

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Dating in Shrewsbury - the eHarmony evolution!

It does look like a fine historic gem set in the emerald splendour of the Shropshire hills, and it has in fact been called 'England's finest Tudor town'.  But, Shrewsbury has a darker side - it was the birthplace of one Mr. Charles Darwin, whose theory of evolution revolutionised humanity's understanding of Nature, proving it to be a lot bloodier than anybody had ever thought.

Still, while survival of the fittest isn't much comfort to the slowest gazelle on the African plains, it's something the Shrewsbury dating scene has cause to celebrate.  Why settle for second best?  The best relationships - friendly, amorous or otherwise - survive because of the chemistry between them.

Of course, if you're one of the working and/or professional singles with more working hours than free ones, then it's hard to meet those perfect matches during the day.  You might have to date Smelly who never irons his shirt, or that lady who farts long and loud when she sneezes, which is always a troubling prospect.

But with a dating website like eHarmony, it's easy to rediscover dating in Shrewsbury with someone who really matters.  And, whether you're looking for a relationship, simple an exceptional date, the bonds between the two of you should survive.

How?  Simply create a profile, fill it out, and then look through the Shrewsbury singles eHarmony recommends, and take your pick!  This dating site is over ten years old, and it knows what it's talking about when it comes to finding highly compatible couples.  Join eHarmony today, and find out for yourself!



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