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Dive in! Discover online dating in Bath

When it comes to Bath dating, we don’t envision you having too much trouble coming up with ideas. After all, the entire city is a World Heritage Site - as well as one of England’s most visited tourist destinations. However if you’re a bit baffled as to where to begin - here are a few ideas for a first date:

The Roman Baths Museum

It seems a shame to leave all the best attractions to the tourists; so even though you may have to suffer the crowds – and perhaps you’ve done it countless times before – but a visit to the Roman Baths would still be a fantastic Bath dating idea. The natural springs housed inside the glorious 2,000 year old temple are an enchanting spectacle. The museum gives you the chance to partake in audio guides, as well as tours geared towards couples – such as the ‘Baths by Torchlight’ offer. So ask one of your free to review matches out soon and bathe in this suitably romantic date experience! (Just don’t steal our puns).

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

If you’re looking for a treat to enjoy together, this quirky little cafe – located behind the Abbey – might just be it. With Alice in Wonderland themed decor and menu, it offers customers the chance to go ‘down the rabbit hole’ and enjoy an afternoon tea to rival Lewis Carroll’s. The scones in particular are often raved about but with a wide selection of tempting treats, you might find it difficult to limit yourself to just one. A Bath dating idea which sways away from the tourist attractions; definitely one to consider!

Royal Victoria Park

Despite a number of professional singles living in Bath, not everyone always has the cash to splash. So if you’re looking for a free dating idea – why not head to the park? Royal Victoria Park is one of the city’s finest; opened in 1830 by Princess Victoria herself, it has 57 acres of pretty gardens, a boating lake, a bowling green and even tennis courts. It’s the perfect place to while away a few hours getting to know your companion. 


Life in Bath...

A walk through the historic city of Bath is enough to make you feel like you’re in a Jane Austen novel. Romance is evoked from every bit of architecture; from the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Abbey, to the pretty pallor of Georgian townhouses lining the streets. It’s no wonder Austen chose to make it her home, not to mention the setting of two of her most famous books.

For a lot of Bath singles, life doesn’t always mirror the ‘happy ending’ of a Victorian novel (not to mention the fact marriage isn't for everybody). But nonetheless, even the proposal of a date would be nice wouldn’t it?

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