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Love among the mudflats: Burnham-on-Sea dating with eHarmony.

A few miles down the coast from Avon's Weston-super-Mare lies Burnham-on-Sea.  Coincidentally, 'super-Mare' is Latin for 'on sea'.  Weston clearly has pretensions.

No such airs and graces in Burnham however, where there's class without the need for a fancy language.  We're not 'super' anything, thank you very much.  We're just 'on'; simple, English 'on'.

Online in fact.  If you're one of those Burnham singles who've been toying with the idea of a dating website for a while, why not join the rest of them on eHarmony?  It's a great way of finding local, quality matches you'd otherwise miss, and the Burnham dating scene holds so much potential, much like the people who could grace your favourite restaurant.

Dating in Burnham-on-Sea - a bit about the beach:

Unless you're one of those professional singles always commuting, so that you only ever see Burnham in the dark, you're bound to have noticed the big wet thingie slurping up to the powdery yellow stuff on at least a couple of occasions.

Yes! Burnham-on-Sea has sandy beaches!  Sadly though, with the Atlantic Ocean running a country mile from Somerset every low tide, there are often unappealing muddy flats bordering this bit of coast.  It's the same all over the Bristol Channel.  When dating by the seaside then, be sure to aim for a high tide; it's just more appealing that way.  Better yet, take a drive up to nearby Clevedon, and visit one of the most beautiful piers in Europe.  After all, dating is all about new experiences - and you and your date are likely to have done Burnham's sand, sea and chippies to death.

Dates further afield:

eHarmony is hardly an exclusively Burnham-on-Sea dating site - we cater to singles from across the UK, whether sleepy Dorset, sleepier Devon, or snoring Wiltshire.  So if your beau's from Bridgwater or a Highbridge local, remember that while a date in a nice old familiar setting and traditional meal are definitely the best option for an earlier romance, later it's good to branch out.

Glastonbury is always a good bet, if for the Tor alone, which is always worth a climb if you're looking for a free dating activity.  However, do be sure to look at the quirky shops that have sprung up to deal with the spiritual side of the community, because you can make some really special purchases here to tease your date with later - tarot cards anyone?

Meanwhile, the Mendip Hills are close enough for a trip to Cheddar Gorge.  If exploring the limestone caverns of this impressive natural landscape isn't enough, and you crave something a little more exciting, check for a fear of enclosed spaces with your date - if you're both okay, then get caving!  Provided you can deal with an occasional lack of wriggle room, you'll see far more of these magnificent underground vaults if you're prepared to clamber a rock or two.

Of course, there's always tea on the Esplanade instead...

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Dating is all about experimenting, and having fun.  It's a liberating lifestyle that often leaves you with fond memories and a taste for more.  Whether any of the above ideas have been to your taste or not, eHarmony has only scratched the surface (and gone for the slightly more exotic outings!). 

Find your own date on the eHarmony dating website now.  With over ten years of providing compatible matches for single people, eHarmony only recommends those people it believes you'll really get on with - making for a bond that can often survive a relationship, let alone a date.

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