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Highbridge dating - more than it seems...

Locked in an often unwilling embrace with Burnham-on-Sea, Highbridge is still very much its own town.  And, with easy access to Weston-super-Mare and Bristol for urban delights on the one hand, and places like Exmoor, or the Quantock Hills on the other, it's a prime location for just about anything you could desire.

Even if all you desire is a really good date. After all, Somerset may be largely rural, but there are still thousands of people out there.  Some of them must be single, some of them must turn your head, and some of them must be charmed by you.

The trouble is meeting them.  In the days when communities number in the thousands rather than dozens, and where Highbridge singles are all too often also professional singles commuting to work without much time to spare in the day, just chatting to a stranger can seem a rare event.  Liking them enough to want to date them, that's another challenge entirely.

That's why a lot of people out there have turned to a dating website of one kind or another - free dating sites for the more casual flings, and paid sites if they're considering a long term relationship, and want high quality dates, again and again.

eHarmony is the latter, though it's free to review matches and fill in our questionnaire - that way you can find out if there are many highly compatible singles in your area before you properly sign up.  After all, while some people may have dozens of likely local singles to choose from, some people only have one.  eHarmony doesn't lower the bar so you always have a minimum number of single people to choose from - we don't dilute the quality, so you can be confident of a really good date.

Have you had a look?  Were there plenty of people?  And more importantly, did any profiles catch your eye?  If so, why not dive into the Highbridge dating scene with eHarmony?


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Dating in Highbridge - the best and the worst...

The bad news is, if you're looking for a traditional restaurant date then you're not going to be spoiled for choice here.  The good news is that many successful first dates work precisely because no restaurants are involved.  A simple cup of coffee on Burnham's Esplanade is all you need.  It makes for a quick meeting that can be broken off at any time, and allows you both to get comfortable in each other's presence - because no matter how advanced internet chat gets, it still can't beat a warm smile when it comes to establishing a bond.

However, once you've got the first date out of the way, you'll both be confident enough in each other's presence to start branching out - and it's here that the dating experience really shines.  Take a cruise from Bridgwater, clamber up Glastonbury Tor for stunning views (or the Burrow Mump for a similar experience without the crowds).

Whatever you do, do it with eHarmony.  It's  a great way of meeting new people, the kind that make dating in Highbridge great and local life just a little bit brighter.


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