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The Caravan Capital: Dating in Cleethorpes with

With the nearby district of East Lindsey hosting the highest concentration of caravans in Europe, you'd think a holiday resort like Cleethorpes would be made for life.

Sadly however, hard times are biting, and not every caravan contains a holidaymaker.  Neither does every house in Cleethorpes contain a single person perfect for you.  Chances are though, at least some houses do.

With eHarmony you can uncover those elusive Cleethorpes singles online, the ones who are a thrill to date, by filling in a questionnaire.  Then eHarmony matches you with the most compatible people in your area, using both a scientific approach and a serious passion for romance.  It's a serious passion our members share, so whether you're looking for professional singles or amazing dates in South Humberside, try eHarmony, and you never know where you'll end up, or who you'll end up with.

Dating in Cleethorpes and around:

Are you curious about what a date might involve in Cleethorpes?  Well, unless you're going for the especially cheesy date, stay away from Pleasure Island, and enjoy a romantic walk along the beach instead.  Caxton Theatre can be good for some local drama, or take a short stroll into Grimsby for the Auditorium there.

If you're sick of the local area on the other hand, why not head down in the direction of Mablethorpe?  The beaches here are just as sandy and impressive, with the added attraction of a seal sanctuary.  The seals here may be elderly, and unable to survive in the wild, but they're no less adorable for it, and your money spent here will go towards helping them live out the rest of the days happily.  A win-win for all.


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Two tips for successful online dating:

What about when you lose?  Sometimes, people will join a dating site, and not have much success.  How can you ensure that when you debut on the Cleethorpes dating scene, you come up trumps?

Online dating tip 1:

While the dating website has many advantages - it connects people over long distances, helps you find the best of the Cleethorpes dating scene and so on  - there is one big fat disadvantage.  It can get pretty nervy contacting a complete stranger, no matter how compatible you're supposed to be.  So if you struggle to muster the confidence to message them yourself, at least be sure to be confident with your own profile, and put down a bit about yourself.  A smiling photo, and a few lines that reveal your quirks, jobs and hobbies will make you more approachable, and so people will come to you rather than you having to reach out to them.

Online dating tip 2:

Remember, positivity wins hearts - it's the ones who are upbeat and lively, who often win the prize.  So if you're one of those people inclined to dwell on the past, don't moan about it on your profile - emotional baggage (and we all have it), is a huge turnoff.

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