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Date faster in Doncaster, home of the speed-freak.

There was news in The Independent a while back that some residents of Doncaster were considering changing the town's name to Danum, the old Roman name.  The idea was to trick the British public, so they'd forget that, among other things, this was where Jeremy Clarkson was born.

But why condemn the much-maligned petrolhead?  Often enough he's the first to power ahead, and get things done, even if that thing does involve occasionally offending people.  Speed saves time, and in pushing the limits, Clarkson is following a proud Doncaster tradition.  After all, the town made much of its money through breeding fast horses for the stagecoach trade, saving travel time for people who want to spend their precious hours on other things.  It's a tradition that's still very welcome today.

Here at eHarmony HQ, we understand that there isn't much time in the working day, and because of that, many paid and/or professional singles don't always meet as many people as they'd like.  And a dating website is the solution to this problem solely because it's so easy just to log on for five minutes and continue a conversation with other Doncaster singles online.

As you might expect from a leading player on the Doncaster dating scene, the matches are better too  - eHarmony has over ten years of experience in matching singles by shared values and aspirations, making for stronger relationships.  That way, you can be more confident that whoever you choose to ask out, there's a good chance you'll always be glad you did.  With eHarmony, Doncaster dating just got a whole lot faster...



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Dating in Doncaster - around and about...

- Racing hearts -

Fittingly for a town that bred speedy horses, Doncaster is a centre for racing.  If you're looking for a simple activity before you hit that classy restaurant, then there's an adrenaline fuelled day for you at the Doncaster Racecourse.  Place bets, scream on your chosen horse, and get to know each other properly in the lulls.  There's an thrilling atmosphere in big crowds that you can't find anywhere else, as you'll know if you've ever been to a football match.

- Get in touch with your wild side -

Not for you?  A less risky animal option may be a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Zoos have the massive advantage of always featuring something to talk about; whether cute monkeys, vigilant meerkats or the ferocious big cats.  You can even take a private tour, if you're willing to spend a little extra on your date.

- Hampertastic -

Want wild without the animals?  Head out past Rotherham and Sheffield for the Peak District and a relaxing walk.  Pack a picnic, and pack that picnic with home baked cupcakes, homemade lasagne, you get the idea.  Anything that shows you're willing to put in some effort,  and can cook deliciously to boot, can hardly go wrong.

- A study of beauty -

So Nature isn't your thing, but you still want to do something before that dinner date spectacular.  How about a quick trip around Doncaster's Museum and Art Gallery, to show off your cultural credentials.  Or, the Civic Theatre plays host to a variety of productions, perfectly suited to get you chatting happily.

Whatever you do, and whoever comes with you, dating in Doncaster is better with the eHarmony dating site.  It's free to review matches so why not join today, and discover the best online dating Doncaster has on offer?


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