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Creative Dating in Sheffield

Did you know that 7.2% of Sheffield’s working population are employed in creative industries? That’s way beyond the 4% national average! But whether you’re looking for creative professional singles or not; how do you go about finding your perfect creative counterpart?  The right dating partner can be hard to come by; it can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Here at eHarmony however, we make matches based on deep levels of compatibility between people - after all, some partnerships just work, and others don't, and with its scientific approach and extensive questionnaire, eHarmony helps tell one from the other.

So for better dating, try eHarmony, and check out some of your free to review matches today.  And once you've met one, try one of the ideas from this Sheffield dating guide:

Star gazing in the Peak District:

Sheffield is officially the greenest city in the UK; a third of its mass being made up of national parks. Why not make the most of this by buying a book of constellations and escaping the city lights for a romantic evening of star gazing? Not only is it a quirky and unique date idea, but it’ll give you and your match the privacy to mull over whatever comes to mind!

The Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry centre:

For a totally eccentric but utterly fantastic date idea; head to North Anston’s Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry centre where you can amble together amongst striking tropical butterflies, exotic birds and colourful rainbow lorikeets before giving your date the chance to slip on that iconic brown glove and experience majestic birds of prey up close and personal. This one will certainly leave you standing out from the crowd.

Onwards and upwards!


Treasure Hunt in the Botanical Gardens:

Originally designed by Robert Marnock in the Gardenesque style, Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens now house fifteen different estates showcasing stunning collections of plants from around the world: Mediterranean, Asian, American prairie-style, and your date will get lost within its idyllic surroundings. The picturesque and relaxed atmosphere should foster conversation, but to really stand out from the crowd and show your creative flair, why not head there early and prepare a surprise treasure hunt?

Cable Ski!

Have you ever heard of cable skiing? Your date probably hasn’t either. Imagine a cross between waterskiing and a snow ski lift, where, supported by four towers dotted around the lake, cars run constantly around the body of water. Up to 8 people can ski around at one time – making it a brilliant social activity. You and your sweetheart will share bundles of laughs before heading to the onsite cafe to dry off and chat further over tea and delicious home-made cakes.

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