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A divine location; discover online dating in Lichfield

If you’re a little stuck for Lichfield dating inspiration, here are a few hints to get you started!

Lichfield Cathedral

Where better to begin than Lichfield Cathedral: one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Britain. Regardless of your spiritual leanings or perhaps lack of, cathedrals and the like can be lovely places to have a wander round. A quiet, reflective atmosphere and the awe-inspiring interior of a structure that has stood for countless centuries make for a rather extraordinary combination. If you’re looking for a place to meet one of your matches, why not suggest here?

Lichfield Heritage Centre and Gift Shop

If you’re looking for a low-key date setting, this coffee shop could provide a little more impact than your average Starbucks. Set inside a converted Victorian Church (which is also home to a heritage centre and a vast array of historical memorabilia) it’s grand and unusual atmosphere would make a lovely backdrop for some cake and conversation with your date.

Erasmus Darwin House

As well as the home of Johnson, Litchfield was also where Erasmus Darwin – grandfather to Charles – settled for most of his life. A legendary physician and poet, Darwin reportedly came up with the original theory of evolution seventy years before his grandson Charles took the reins. A museum dedicated to his various achievements, this Lichfield dating location provides fascinating insight into one of the town’s most prolific philosophers. If one of your fellow Lichfield singles is a bit of a science enthusiast – this is the place to go!

1709 the Brasserie

One of the most highly regarded restaurants in town, 1709 would be the perfect host to an evening of romance and indulgent cuisine. Appropriately named after the birth date of Johnson himself, the restaurant is set inside a rather old and charmingly creaky building: full of dark wood and beamed ceilings. The menu has an emphasis on simplicity, with locally sourced produce, ensuring that every meal is cooked to absolute perfection. For an unforgettable Lichfield dating and dining experience, be sure to book a table for two here.

Life in Lichfield

A place of ecclesiastical importance, the town of Lichfield in Staffordshire is characterised by its remarkable history and unspoilt architecture. It also happens to be the birthplace of Samuel Johnson, renowned critic and writer of the 1755 ‘A Dictionary of the England Language’ – a fact which has forever cemented the town as a place of national and cultural significance.

Now home to a population of approximately 30,600, Lichfield has managed to retain much of its charm. When it comes to dating in Lichfield, a collection historical attractions, picturesque surroundings and contemporary culture means that there are endless activities to suggest doing on a date. 

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