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One of Suffolk’s most visited towns; the reason why people come to Bury St Edmunds often differs. As the home of one of the most impressive cathedrals in the land, its religious heritage means it is a haven for historical enthusiasts. However, also the home of that other great spirit-raiser – beer - its famous brewery draws in visitors keen to explore an entirely different path of self-discovery.

For the Bury St Edmunds singles who live here, this contrast reflects the town’s appeal: old yet modern, quaint yet stylish, it’s the perfect place to go on a date. So whether you or your loved one live in the town, or you are hoping for a mini-break to remember – consider the following ideas for creating a bit of romance with one of your eHarmony matches.

An on-screen romance
A multiplex is a multiplex, right? They usually all look the same regardless of where you are in the country. Well not always, which is why Bury’s Abbeygate Picturehouse makes such a refreshing change. One in a small line-up of art house cinemas, it focuses on showing fewer mainstream movies and more cult offerings. Instead of your usual seats, it also features screening rooms that feel more like your front-room than they do a cinema. So the next time you feel like escaping, make Picturehouse your Bury St Edmunds dating destination.

A stroll among the flowers
If you’re trying to think of a great free dating experience, why not soak up some ancient history with a trip to Bury’s Abbey Gardens? Formerly a powerful Benedictine monastery - although it is difficult to imagine what once stood - the ruins and surrounding gardens make for a truly peaceful and reflective setting - perfect for getting to know one of your free to review matches.

A standing ovation
A trip to the theatre often feels like a real event, and most certainly a real treat. So how about dressing up and heading out for an evening date at the Theatre Royal? Opened in 1819, it is the one and only Regency Playhouse left in Britain; with a wide variety of musicals and comedy shows, there’ll be something here for everyone. So be sure to book two tickets for a Bury St Edmunds dating experience that will undoubtedly entertain!



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