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Find love in Warwickshire: onwards and upwards


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Dating in Warwickshire: “What’s in a name?"

The Beatles, The Queen and William Shakespeare. No, not the contenders for this year’s Halloween costume, but apparently the top three names most associated with the UK. How fitting then that one of them – arguably the most influential of all - was born in Warwickshire, the county (geographically speaking) located at the very heart of England.

Shakespeare is not the only literary great to come from this neck of the woods of course. There must be something in the water in Warwickshire; George Eliot, Philip Larkin and Elizabeth Gaskell: all have either originated or spent a significant amount of time in the county. You could argue to merely associate a place with the people who were born there would be to stagnate, to live in the past somewhat. However, in a county like Warwickshire, a place characterised by its ruined castles, enchanting cathedrals and ancient gardens – it’s a little difficult to modernise.

For Warwickshire singles, going on a date in the region is a little like going back in time. Regardless of where you come from in the county, the top three Warwickshire dating experiences are undoubtedly going to be a trip down memory lane! Here’s a run-down of the greatest historical date locations.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has ensured that tourism in Stratford-Upon-Avon stays stronger than ever. If one of your free to review matches is a lover of all things literary, why not take a tour of some of locations most famously associated with the Bard? Visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Nash’s House or take in some of his finest work with a performance at the Royal Shakespeare Company. As one of the county’s liveliest towns, dating in Warwickshire wouldn’t be complete without a visit here.

If you’re looking for a less touristy destination, many of the finest historical houses in Warwickshire are scattered throughout its various towns and villages. Be enchanted by Kenilworth Castle; the largest castle ruins in the country, visit Arbury Hall; the gothic mansion which was the inspiration behind many of George Eliot’s novels or sample the spa water at Leamington’s Spa’s famous Royal Pump Rooms. You don’t have to travel very far at all to discover yet another magical Warwickshire dating experience!



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