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Despite being two miles away from the actual site, the small town of Amesbury holds the status of being the nearest settlement to Stonehenge, forever linking it – no matter how indirectly – to one of England’s most famous landmarks. A tiny but hugely charming little town, Amesbury is used to being host to travellers and tourists, yet its hospitable nature is not all it offers. With beautiful countryside and its own historic appeal, many visitors would benefit from staying put for a while at least.

For Amesbury singles, going on a date can be a fantastic opportunity to make the most of where you live. Perhaps there’s an activity you’ve always wanted to try, or a location you’ve always wanted to visit – well ask one of your free to review matches to join you and hop to it! Here’s a quick run-down of some of the best Amesbury dating ideas...


Not much of a surprise, but what did you expect? Although an unavoidable landmark, chances are you won’t have paid it a visit for a good while, so how about making the most of this classic Amesbury dating idea and spending the day together at one of the world’s most iconic prehistoric monuments? Whether you’re interested in archaeology or not, it’s undeniable that Stonehenge is a fascinating place to visit; with interactive audio tours, this could be your chance to learn all about its origins.

Bonnymeade Park

Bonnymeade – or beautiful meadow, as it translates – is one of Amesbury’s best parks. A lovely spot for a picnic or long walk, or if one of your fellow Amesbury singles also happens to be a fellow dog-owner: a place to bond over your shared love of animals! With the town located on the southern Salisbury plain, you don’t have to travel very far to find a peaceful spot, but make the most of a local free dating experience and enjoy this fine open space.

The Orchard

Instead of a quick drink or bite to eat, why not make a day of it and head for Sunday lunch at The Orchard? One of those traditional pubs but with a modern twist – the twist being good food - there’s little wonder this place is so popular. Serving up comforting British fare in a cosy environment, it’s a great spot on the Amesbury dating scene. Be sure to suggest it!



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