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It seems that Swindonians are fans of wizardry.  After all, the perplexing knot that is the Magic Roundabout was named after an enchanted carousel, and the town was actually twinned with Disney World back in 2009.  But fairytales are rare in the world of the 9-5, and professional singles may no longer have the time to meet people as they did in their teen days.

True enough for the old ways of introducing yourself, but not true here.  As a leading dating website with over a decade of experience in making quality matches between singles, eHarmony is the perfect way to get dating in Swindon again.  Looking especially at shared values, personalities and aspirations, eHarmony looks for people with who you are deeply compatible, making for better relationships, and better dates.  It all depends what you want!

Following the theme of that Magic Roundabout, why not kick things off with an evening of illusion and fantasy?

Dance away the night at The Barn

Perhaps you've seen Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', or are just a fan of Strictly, but even those who loathe to dance have a nostalgic soft spot for ballroom.  So take your date out into wider Wiltshire to learn the most romantic of movements at The Barn - the establishment is actually a dancing school, and offers teaching in ballroom and the slightly saucier Latin American style.  Whether due to the outfits or your own clumsiness, you'll always have something to talk about. Should romance not take hold, you'll have learned something new and still cause jaws to drop with your new dance moves!

All the world's a stage with Wyvern Theatre

Many people haven't touched a play since Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' burned with the rest of their school notes.  Existing theatre lovers will know however that there's more to it than a witty man in a ruff, and that plays grow only more appealing as the years since puberty multiply.  Take your date to any number of shows at the Wyvern, which showcases as many live comedy acts as it does theatre.  You don't have to be stuck in the gallery either, as the theatre restaurant has been known to run jazz gigs and salsa nights to add that extra romance.

Circus romance

Whether it’s the acrobats or the fire eaters, the circus always has appeal.  Unless either you or your date have a fear of extreme makeup, the clowns will only entertain, and the rest will amaze.  An evening perfect for candy floss and a few magic tricks of your own, keep an eye out for travelling tour groups visiting Swindon -  Uncle Sam's Great American Circus is a great one to look out for, as is the small and traditional Giffords Circus, which often tours the area.



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