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Authentic Arbroath

Authenticity is important to Arbroath singles; which is why at eHarmony, it is vital we get to know the real you. Unlike any other dating website we guarantee that you are matched on key areas of compatibility such as character, beliefs and values – ultimately ensuring a deeper and more profound connection with a person who shares them too.

Be yourself

Dating can often be an overwhelming experience, often leaving us feeling under pressure or as if we must only project the most perfect parts of ourselves. eHarmony believes that it is important to not let others only see the limited snapshot of a person shown on a date, but the person as a whole.

We promise to guide you every step of the way. Being true to who you are is key and eHarmony offers a process which promotes this kind of authenticity. Once you have completed our free online relationship questionnaire, there are guided communication steps to enable you to get to know your matches whilst learning even more about yourself. Dating in Arbroath need no longer be daunting or stressful - eHarmony is here to help.

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Easing first date jitters

Before a first date, it’s easy to let anticipation get the better of you, especially if you have been slowly getting to know your match for a while beforehand. By picking a relaxing location or a well-known setting for your date you are guaranteed to feel more comfortable. Before you know it the nerves will be melting away, leaving you to enjoy those all-important butterflies.

The town of Arbroath is home to a harbour which dates back to the fourteenth century. Today, famous for its haddock known as ‘Arbroath smokies’, it is still a large fishing port. Pleasing to the eye, the pretty dock has a lifeboat station as well as both working and personal boats. For Arbroath singles a walk along the harbour would make for a pleasant and comforting jaunt, ensuring that you both feel at home during that important first meeting.

For an intimate atmosphere, try scouting out a small cafe or a restaurant which offers more of a personal touch. In contrast to larger or busier settings, you are able to forget the surroundings and instead simply concentrate on your date. In Arbroath, The But ‘n’ Ben is a small and friendly restaurant which sources from local ingredients. It is a bit of a hidden gem and would make a perfect setting for that first date conversation.

If you’re a little bit of a hesitant talker, exploring a bit of local history is always a great way of getting the discussion going. Famous for its Declaration of Arbroath (and the independence of Scotland), Arbroath’s Abbey is an impressive bit of Scotland’s past. With its gorgeous red sandstone exterior, it makes for a beautiful setting, so why not share it with the one person you’ve been so looking forward to meeting.

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