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Dating in Irvine: For all seasons

Located in North Ayrshire, the town of Irvine is in a part of the world that is known for being picturesque. The only thing which tends to put a damper on proceedings is the weather... as despite being a coastal town, with its western sea air this is one location whereby particularly cold winters and frustrating wet summers are pretty much a guaranteed affair.

Naturally, the weather can often put a downer on going on dates no matter where you live. However, don’t let it dampen your spirits: a bit of rain or snow can actually turn an otherwise dreary afternoon into something really rather romantic...

Next time the weatherman lets you down, try these rainy day date ideas:

Build a snowman! With a climate like Scotland’s, it is no surprise that when the winter arrives, so too does the snow. Irvine isn’t as snow-filled as some parts of Scotland, but it’s usually still no big deal to Irvine singles. So you might not feel the same excitement as children or those located south of the border, but why not take advantage of the situation and go build your best ever snowman? Frolicking in a downpour might seem a bit childlike, but it will bring a light hearted and entertaining aspect to an afternoon with your new love interest. Just go easy on the snowball throwing... a freezing cold wallop to the head isn’t quite so romantic.

Cosy up When the wind and rain is in full pelt and all you feel like doing is staying warm and dry, why not invite your date over for a cosy afternoon indoors? There are multiple things you could do at home together; why not cook a nice lunch for your sweetheart, or even tag team and do it together! You could try baking, or if you feel like getting competitive, why not dust off those old board games? Lastly, an afternoon film is always a great way to while away the hours and when it’s pouring with rain, there’s no reason to feel guilty about travelling no further than your living room.

Take cover If you want to stay indoors but are brave enough to venture somewhere to do so, there are multiple undercover date locations... bowling, the cinema, shopping (only if both parties are keen of course): the trick is to take advantage of the opportunity to stay cosy and close to the new love in your life.

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