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Online Dating Dumfries: Early days

In Dumfries, there are many things to see and do which would be ideal for a few initial ‘getting to know you’ dates

Here are a few tips for becoming acquainted with both your surroundings and your special someone:

Keep it low key There’s no reason for you to pull out all the stops straight off the bat - a casual drink at your local could be all you need to begin with. Sometimes, instead of building anticipation for the big ‘first date’, a series of short and casual initial meetings can be a fun and modest alternative as a way of getting to know somebody. The Stag Bar is Dumfries is one of the friendliest local pubs, whose fun and easy going vibe would provide a great setting for those -initial get-togethers.

Ask questions Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience, and the art of conversation doesn’t always come easily to everyone. If you often feel that you come across as a little shy or conversely, a little too eager to talk about the things that interest you, don’t forget to ask your date about themselves. Not only this, but asking questions before the date could also be helpful in deciding where to go! For example, if your match loves history or old architecture, by suggesting a date to nearby Caerlaverock Castle you could gain insight into their interest as well as scoring some early brownie points for yourself!

Don’t distract During this early period, the more opportunity to connect the better. So don’t choose a date location with too much distraction. For example, a concert date would be fantastic for music lovers, but if you’re more concentrated on what’s happening on stage than you are in talking to your partner, chances are you’ll end the night knowing more about the lead singer than you do about your date. So hold off on buying those tickets for a few months yet. Instead, suggest going somewhere like nearby Ellisland. This farm and visitor museum is a stunning and tranquil local spot, great for soaking up the beautiful scenery of Dumfriesshire and while you’re at it, enjoying the rather underrated art of conversation.

The best of Dumfries

Affectionately known as the “Queen of the South”, the Scottish town of Dumfries is a popular and splendid little location, yet surprisingly one that is not too touristy or overly targeted by outside visitors.

As a result, dating in and around the area could prove to be a pleasurable experience, with much to occupy you and your loved one during those glorious and carefree early romantic excursions. Getting to know somebody new is always an exciting and butterfly-inducing experience. With eHarmony, this experience is heightened by the anticipation of knowing that the individual also shares your own personal values and beliefs.

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