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Musselburgh Dating: ‘Honesty is the best policy’

Located just a few miles east of Edinburgh, Musselburgh is affectionately referred to as “the Honest Toun”. This moniker stems all the way back to the 14th century, when the Earl of Mar praised the townspeople for their selfless, kind and loyal behaviour towards his predecessor during a time of ill-health. The people of Musselburgh still pride themselves on this reputation today, and honour the legacy each year, crowing a new ‘Honest Lad’ and ‘Honest Lass’ in celebration.

When it comes to dating, we could all take heed from Musselburgh. Being honest and true to who you are is a vital part of being in a healthy relationship. It’s surprising just how many of us seem to forget this; often feeling that what’s most important is how the other person perceives us, instead of simply feeling happy and comfortable in our own skin.

On a date - with the added pressure and nerves that naturally occur - it is often the case that we might try and show ourselves in a certain light. Portraying a false image of ‘perfection’ is certainly not going to help someone find a healthy relationship. Not to mention the fact that there is no such thing as perfect in the first place.

So why try? After all, isn’t it important to find someone who loves every part of us, including our flaws? There’s a reason Bridget Jones ended up with Mark Darcy. He loves her ‘just the way she is’. Big pants and all! Anyway, before the lyrics to a popular Bruno Mars hit are mentioned, I’m sure you get the picture...

The benefits of eHarmony

This is why a website like is a leading figure in the world of online dating. Like Musselburgh singles, we promote authenticity and the belief that the key to finding a meaningful relationship is to just be yourself.

By taking our free online relationship questionnaire, we get to know the real you. What are your faults and flaws; your strengths and greatest traits? We want to know about it all. That way, we can match you with those who are scientifically proven to be your most compatible.

By taking the conscious and pro-active decision to join the world of online dating, you could soon be on your way to finding a committed and truthful relationship. Most importantly, with someone who you love, and who loves you back. Just the way you are.

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