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Dating in Shetland: Share the adventure

Located north-east of mainland Scotland, Shetland is a location unlike any other. Made up of over one hundred islands but with only fifteen of them inhabited, this is a place where the landscape is wild and windswept and the culture is truly unique. With a population of around 22,000, the people of Shetland are hugely proud of their beautifully preserved landscape, and a heritage which stems back to the island’s Norwegian rule.

Being located in such a remote part of the world, Shetland singles might feel cut off from the possibilities of dating. The capital, Lerwick, is the most vibrant of all, and is one which provides a lot of the island’s pubs, restaurants and general social establishments. However, travel a little outside of the capital and Mother Nature provides most of the companionship; in this part of the world she can sometimes be cruel, yet is never anything short of stunning.

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Due to its wonderfully preserved environment, Shetland is filled with flourishing wildlife. Why not take a trip over to Noss; a renowned National Nature Reserve? It is home to a stunning seabird colony, and from puffins to guillemots, it has a vast number of different species to spot.

With endless miles of flat and gentle roads, Shetland seems like the perfect place to get cycling. Why not hire a couple of bikes for the day and explore some of the islands breathtaking views? If it is midsummer and suitably light, you could see for miles.

Naturally, Shetland is home to a variety of fresh and locally sourced food. The waters around the islands are rich in both common and rare types of fish, so seafood is always a failsafe on any restaurant menu. There are so many good places to eat in Shetland, and with a cuisine that has only gotten better over the years, taking someone to dinner has never been more enjoyable. A couple of notable places to eat include Mainland’s Phoenix Restaurant and Lerwick’s popular fish and chip shop, Fort Cafe.

Lastly, with a landscape so wild, it is surprising just how long there have been people living on the island. Archaeology and geology play a vital part in Shetland’s history, so why not go to the Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement? An impressive archaeological site, it is home to remains that are over 5,000 years old.

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In a remote setting like Shetland, many singles are looking for the chance to connect with others. Luckily, the internet now means that people are beginning to feel comfortable reaching out in new ways. Our leading dating website,, has the power to put you in touch with other like-minded individuals.

If you are looking for an honest and meaningful relationship - in Shetland or otherwise - eHarmony could be the answer. Once you have found somebody to share it with, there is so much to enjoy in this part of the world.

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