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Located in South Lanarkshire, the town of East Kilbride has suffered some highs and lows over the years. As part of the Greater Glasgow region and with its populated residential communities, it has a distinct urban feel. East Kilbride singles have long been drawn into the city of Glasgow due to a wider range of social opportunities and its vibrant dating scene. However, since it was named as one of Europe’s fastest growing hotspots by a leading travel website, East Kilbride’s stock has started to rise.

The turning tide in East Kilbride’s tourism can largely be put down to a new redevelopment plan. The town wishes to implement more of a cultural feel with a ‘landmark’ theatre, museum and central square; and it is this which has naturally sparked fresh interest in what was previously rather a neglected town.

Of course, with their down-to-earth and hardworking nature, East Kilbride singles have always remained proud of their town and rightly so. Yet regardless of any growth, it remains a fact that East Kilbride dating is never going to be as culturally inspiring as somewhere like Edinburgh. And sure, a trip to a cathedral or a walk along a windswept beach is often an ideal date. But if your town doesn’t permit these types of activities, there is no reason to feel glum; a bit of creativity has the power to turn a walk along the high street into a stroll along the Champs-Élysées! All you need is a little imagination. Here are a few tips to make the most of your town....

Venture out No matter where you live, a short train journey will undoubtedly lead you to greener pastures. Regardless of the destination, sometimes a simple trip out to a bit of countryside or a nearby attraction can provide a thoughtful alternative to the standard town centre trip to the cinema.

Share your interests Getting to know somebody is one of the most exciting parts of dating. Why not find out what your match likes to do in their spare time? You could ask them to take you to their own favourite restaurant or pub; that way, the activity of the date has a personal touch, making it more romantic in an instant.

Stay in Whether your speciality dish is duck à l'orange or a humble spag bol, the effort you put in when cooking a meal for someone else is what matters. Instead of going out to eat, stay in, light some candles and create a romantic restaurant in your very own living room!

Post-date If your date went well, it’s important to let your match know what a great time you had. Of course, there’s always the fear of coming across as overly keen, but with eHarmony’s guided communication steps you really needn’t worry. A thoughtful post-date message or gift will be a great way to show your thanks and hopefully guarantee another date.

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