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Dating in Colwyn Bay the eHarmony way

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Dating in Colwyn Bay: I do like to be beside the seaside

Each year Colwyn Bay is visited by a variety of different people. A popular seaside town; it is filled with single folk, families on holiday and couples escaping to the coast for the weekend. Naturally, the trouble with being single in a seaside town is that you tend to meet a lot of people who are in fact just visiting the area. This makes the prospect of dating a tricky one: you might meet someone looking for a holiday romance, where as your hopes are centred on permanence and stability. The young professional singles of Colwyn Bay – a highly populated and busy coastal town – are increasingly turning to online dating sites as a way of taking control of their lives and the type of love they hope to find.

eHarmony is an online dating website which helps you take positive and pro-active action towards finding a relationship.

eHarmony promises to go deeper than other online dating websites. We are based on scientific matching and the belief that the most successful couples are borne out of intensely compatible characteristics and values. Register online now for your free to review matches.

First date suggestions

The Welsh Mountain Zoo

Places such as the zoo tend to be great date-friendly locations as not only do they provide a plethora of furry creatures to marvel over, but also a place to just generally enjoy hanging out with someone. After all, the activity you do on the date should be secondary to all the ‘getting to know you’ goings-on. So don’t let the animals steal the spotlight – remember to keep the conversation centred mainly on the human race!

Colwyn Bay Beach

The ultimate cliché of the dating profile has to include the standard someone who enjoys movies and “long walks on the beach...” But why is it a cliché? Because it’s true. Every romantic soul does indeed love a walk on the beach, and that probably means you too. So why not go for it? Colwyn Bay’s sandy stretch of beach provides the perfect path for a walk. If the weather isn’t too chilly - you could even go the whole hog and complete the scenario with an ice cream.

Theatr Colwyn

Despite a lot of Colwyn’s attraction focusing on the great outdoors, let’s face it, sometimes the weather just won’t permit. This newly renovated cinema would provide a great alternative on a rainy afternoon or an evening where you just fancy a bit of down time. Of course, a movie date is only advised if you can make the time to talk about it afterwards! So go for dinner and stretch out the opportunity to spend time with your match.

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