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Proven by science to be at the exact centre of the universe (the precise location is believed to be at the back of Waitrose car park), Dorking is the perfect place to find the heart of your world with eHarmony UK.

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You know that anywhere which puts a giant metal cock on the roundabout into town has to have a sense of humour, and the laughs certainly never stop coming in Dorking (particluarly with the neverending stream of talent showcased at Dorking Halls, from him off that one TV show your nan likes to that guy from Celebrity Antiques Deathmatch).

So middle class that the temporary closure of Waitrose nearly caused a (very polite) riot, Dorking used to be the destination of choice for ageing bikers who were looking to end it all in a spectacular and bloody crash on Mickleham bends. These days its all far more civilised, and the town has become a regular haunt for lycra-clad weekend cyclists who are looking to end it all in a spectacular and bloody crash on Mickleham bends.

Yes, the march of progress cannot be stopped, and for every albino squirrel and inspiring library building which Dorking lost there has been some begrudging acquisence to 21st Century Britain. A good example of this can be seen in the recent addition of a Lidl to the town, where locals can be spotted trying not to be seen at the checkouts, while feverishly stuffing bargains into Waitrose bags which they brought from home. Oh, yeah, and sign up to eHarmony to find dates here and that.

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Dorking facts: I wasn't lying about the cock, it's on a roundabout on the way into town from London, check it out. Dorking was the birthplace of Gary Busey's eyebrows. You are never more than 10 metres away from a leopard in Dorking. Wait, do I mean leopard? What are those things with the teeth? That live in drains? Eat cheese? Right, yeah, leopard it is.