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What is eHarmony Dating Advice? We offer relationship and dating advice with a difference; no-nonsense, realistic advice from the relationship experts. Worried about your next date? Confused about the next step in your relationship? Concerned you lack confidence to find love? Find answers to all your relationship and dating questions here.

How Fast Will You Fall In Love? [Infographic]


When it comes to dropping the L-bomb with a new partner, you want to make sure you get the timing just right, but which area of the UK is faring best in our love league and who’s saying it first? Our infographic explains all!

Dishes to Impress a Date – Even if You’re a Terrible Cook

Justin Schamotta

  Donning the chef’s hat and offering to cook a meal for two is a fine gesture. After all, cooking mixes creativity, hard work and a dash of flair – all of which are innately impressive. But what if you’re rubbish at it?

What You Should Be Doing In-Between Dates

Nikki Novo

Written by Nikki Novo for eHarmony. Some time ago, you decided to put yourself out there. You opened up to the idea of dating online. Your friends offered to set you up and you accepted. You even considered taking love advice from mum.

Camels and Couches – Watch the New eHarmony TV Advert

eHarmony UK

What’s 7ft tall, covered in hair and terrible at small talk? Meet the star of eHarmony’s new TV advert

Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Date to a Festival

eHarmony UK

If music is the food of love then festivals are the banquet of all banquets. So what better place to take a date?

15 Reasons to Date a Tennis Player

eHarmony UK

Fancy dating a tennis player? You can NOT be serious! Okay, you can, and there are plenty of good reasons to give it a try.

Pro Tips for Taking the Perfect Profile Pic


You want your dating profile to reflect the very best of you, so it’s worth taking time to get your profile pic just right.

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