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How to win with first date conversations

eHarmony UK

By Sloan Sheridan Williams The cliché answer given by most happily married couples when asked how they knew they liked each other on the first date is that you just know, but

Dishes to Impress a Date – Even if You’re a Terrible Cook

Justin Schamotta

  Donning the chef’s hat and offering to cook a meal for two is a fine gesture. After all, cooking mixes creativity, hard work and a dash of flair – all of which are innately impressive. But what if you’re rubbish at it?

Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Date to a Festival

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If music is the food of love then festivals are the banquet of all banquets. So what better place to take a date?

15 Reasons to Date a Tennis Player

eHarmony UK

Fancy dating a tennis player? You can NOT be serious! Okay, you can, and there are plenty of good reasons to give it a try.

15 Reasons to Date a Single Dad

Justin Schamotta

Having kids changes a man – almost always for the better. If a guy says he has kids don’t let it put you off dating him. Consider instead the ways his little ones will have shaped him into a more rounded person.

15 Reasons to Date a Footballer

Justin Schamotta

Football is the world’s favourite sport. Those who play it – and by ‘play it’ we mean professionals rather than hung-over blokes turning up for a Sunday morning kick-around – are probably some of the most dateable people on the planet. Here’s why:

9 Things To Avoid In The First Month Of Dating


By Sloan Sheridan-Williams The early days of dating are filled with excited anticipation, the terrific buzz that gives you butterflies, and the nervous energy that comes with the promise of love and intimacy!

Sex and the City and the Country


We recently partnered with the Future Foundation to conduct some research into the future of dating in the UK. More specifically we looked at the state of singles around the UK to find the top dating hot spots for single men and single women!