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Leanne's story:

Since my job involves working with computers I thought I would give them a chance in finding me a perfect partner, since I had failed to do so with my own efforts.

I had nothing to lose so I joined eHarmony, with the view of not 'dating' but finding something long-term. Something I didn't feel I could achieve with other dating websites. After reading Liam's profile, I wanted to get to know him very quickly so I whizzed through the Guided Communication section, and we met within three weeks of being matched. The Guided Communication option is good for everyone; it protects you from people who only want communicate if you have an attractive profile picture.

After meeting Liam, he was exactly how I expected him to be from the profile and from the communication we had previously. Not just appearance-wise, but I think Guided Communication and the questions on the profile helped to give an honest, in depth picture of the individual, as well as the matching of personality profiles. I was attracted to him from his profile, which can be a dangerous thing, but you can really rely on the science behind it all to find the perfect match.

On our third meeting, Liam said 'Can I start calling you my girlfriend now' - this won me over completely. We broke the rules with regards to only communicating with one match, but once I met him I didn't feel I could have the attraction or connection with any other match. When you find someone like this, you just have to run with it!

Liam was my third match and the only one to communicate. Also, I was only matched with him when I widened my geographical search area. For the sake of a few miles I could have missed out on someone fantastic.

Liam's story:

Being self-employed and working long hours had restricted my social life, and after seeing an advert for eHarmony on TV I thought I would try online dating. After reading all the information on the website and going through the initial sign up process I decided to join for six months. Little did I know that one month would have sufficed!

Leanne was one of the first profiles I was matched with and after reading about her I instantly thought that she was someone I wanted to get to know. I sent her a request to start Guided Communication and thankfully she responded. We quickly went through the process and it wasn't long before we decided to meet up. Leanne was even lovelier than I could have hoped for and I instantly felt a connection with her. The last six months have been amazing and I am very thankful that I made the decision to join eHarmony.

Any negative preconceptions that I had about online dating have proved wrong and I have met someone very special who otherwise I would never have got the chance to meet. I also really like the fact eHarmony matches people who share common values and doesn't just let appearance be the deciding the factor.

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