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Mandy and John

Swindon, England
Engaged: January 2010


I was matched with John almost as soon as I joined. He was the only one out of the matches I was sent, that I felt drawn to. Filling in the questionnaires, brought many things out, and the subsequent emails were a little like talking to a friend. I was the one who instigated our first meeting as I was worrying that I was getting far too attached to a man I had not met, and could only foresee disaster in that. We met at a pub, half way between our homes and that was it!

John describes our meeting, by saying that this elegant woman walked into the pub, and he was speechless. The next moment, the woman walked over to him, pulled a chair to sit beside him, kissed him on the cheek, and he was blown away. Convinced I would not be back for a second date, he said that he couldn't take his eyes off mine, but the conversation, just flowed between us.

We met a couple of times at the pub, but as there was background music, we often went up to a view point on the Ridgeway, and sat talking until it began to get dark. John will tell you that his whole life changed when he met me, and that he knew that he had fallen in love for the first time in his life. As for me, I was so surprised at how much we had in common, and every time we met, more things got talked about, from our like of 'simple food, cooked well' to our dislike of pretentious people.

I had been on my own for seven years, while I got over my marriage of 27 years suddenly falling apart, John had been on his own (apart from a few casual relationships) for much longer, having spent all those years bringing up his children on his own.

Now, eight months later, we are planning our future lives together. I have met his daughter, and gained her approval, and he has met my two children. My daughter is so pleased I have met someone to share my life with and has made John very welcome, and my son and John, discovered that they have very similar senses of humour, and the sound of both of them laughing together warms my 'repaired' heart.

We went away together for this Valentine’s weekend, to a beautiful hotel, and walked into the Restaurant, arm in arm, (me wearing a beautiful Celtic type engagement ring), which is the way we want to spend the next 30/40 years. Neither of us had ever celebrated Valentine’s Day this way, but we intend to do so for the rest of our lives.

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