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Robert and Donna

Location: Manchester, England
Engaged: 31st December 2009


I joined eHarmony and had been on a few dates and then I started talking to Donna, she lives in Spain and I live in the UK. When I first met Donna at the airport in Malaga, I thought wow and every day since then the wow's are getting bigger. I do think we are so a like it’s scary, the match was 100% correct. I now do believe in soul mates and Donna means so much to me I love her with all my heart. It’s been seven months since we meet and it feels like we have been together for years.

Donna said she knew I was the one within 5 minutes, we spent four days together and it was fantastic, tears at the airport from Donna and I did mine when I got home. I go across every couple of weeks and Donna comes across when she can because we are saving holidays for when she comes over to live. We have met each other’s family and friends, my mum loves her to bits, I think she likes her more than me.

We are now engaged and having a baby boy, Donna moves to the England on the 16th of July to live here permanently, we are really looking forward to this and counting down the days. We are going to get married ASAP we would do it tomorrow if we could or even today.

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