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Stacey and David

Location: London, England
Engaged: 14th February 2010

I joined eHarmony on the 28th July 2009 after splitting up with my ex boyfriend a few days earlier. David was one of the first people I was matched with and after reading what he said about himself I decided to start the guided communication process. After 2 weeks of going through the guided communication and then emailing and texting each other, we decided to meet face to face in Central London. Our first date lasted 7 hours and we've never looked back! We took our first holiday together in February this year to New York for Valentine’s Day. It was on Valentine’s Day that David took me out for a meal and proposed. The photo attached was taken by the waitress about five minutes after I said yes!

Whenever we see an advert for eHarmony we cannot help but smile & say how lucky we are to have met each other and it's all thanks to you and the rest of the team.

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