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Stefan and Sarah

Location: Longfield, England
Married: 6th June 2009


About a year ago I first joined eHarmony searching for someone also looking for a relationship that could possibly lead to marriage. After joining in February 2008 I spent the next four months trawling through matches, though I began to get despondent as most of the matches did not stand out to me as being that special person.

In about May 2008 I considered leaving eHarmony and reluctantly let my membership carry over for a month or so, checking occasionally to see if there were any extra special matches. In June I received an icebreaker from Sarah in Washington, which was unusual. Eager as ever I put 100% effort in to getting to know Sarah using your gradual matching process and while communicating we found out that we had been matched perfectly. Being 5000 miles apart meant we had to communicate and we were both pleasantly surprised as we discovered similarities in personality, taste, humor, moral values and family values and upbringing. From the word go we were very relaxed in each other’s presence chatting for hours at a time, which surprised even myself as I am usually a man of few words. During a cycling holiday to France, not being able to chat with each other for almost 10 days, we discovered we were having a hard time not communicating and spending quality time with each other. Sarah and I were slowly becoming the best of friends. And at times I was amazed at the interest, affection and love Sarah showed in me and Sarah was finding it hard to fathom the amount of love and patience I was showing her. We dread to think of the possibility in missing each other if I had withdrawn my eHarmony membership a few days earlier.

In October I decided to put my money where my mouth was and meet Sarah in person. This was truly an adventure having never flown long haul before. There are many happy memories from the journey, such as feeling extremely nervous landing in Spokane realizing this was the point of no return and the climax being in seeing Sarah's beaming smile from the entrance to Spokane airport, where we hugged each other for the first time. I remember offering my hand to Sarah as we walked out the airport and being on cloud nine! Having spent quality time together for almost a week and finally meeting her parents, I remember nervously asking her father for permission to propose at some point in the future. I knew from the first week or so of open communication that if there was one lady in the world I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, it was Sarah. Thankfully he agreed and I began planning an engagement in December. That Christmas I proposed to Sarah and before I even had the chance to ask "if" she said yes. We are very happy together and are amazed at the rather brisk but steady process we are passing through at this time of engagement. Thank you E-Harmony! It worked!

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