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I was matched with over a hundred men in just a few weeks. When I was matched with Brandon I noticed that he was nearly nine years older than me. I thought it was too much and didn’t make contact. However, only a few days later he contacted me, I looked more carefully and discovered we were incredibly similar. I responded and we reached open communication very quickly and sent each other very long e-mails every day. I installed Skype on my computer and bought a camera. We spoke every day, which was exhausting because of the five hour time difference between Canada and the UK. Weekends were spent in front of the computer – one day for 11 hours! After a very short time we knew we were perfect for each other.

He came to visit in September and we knew that there was no going back. We are very similar but we have just enough differences to make the relationship interesting. He was the first match I reached open communication with and there was no point in continuing with the other matches.

Brandon’s story:

I initially joined eHarmony for three months in 2003 but received no matches – I thought perhaps I was unmatchable. Then, out of the blue in 2009 I received an email from eHarmony with a match in Edinburgh. I rejoined and went to open communication with Zuzanna in a couple of days, and found that she ticked every box I felt was important: creative, independent, a quirky sense of humour, heaps of intelligence, and strong personal values.

We were able to overcome the glaring distance obstacle by the daily use of email and Skype for a few months, and once we finally met in person, I knew that she was ‘the one’.

I’m very grateful to eHarmony for helping me find Zuzanna half a world away – it’s romance in the modern age… and she was definitely worth waiting for.

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