Why eHarmony dating works

Offering expert guidance

Our goal at eHarmony is to help you find a great relationship. We understand that the only thing harder than finding someone who interests you, is getting to know them. Experts in the fields of psychology and human relationships founded eHarmony. They developed a guided process that will help you to get to know someone extremely well. The process is fun, and completely anonymous. eHarmony's Guided Communication option will allow you to focus on the enjoyment of getting to know your matches, without worrying about the awkwardness of the first few communications.

Guided Communication

eHarmony is different. We know that those first steps communicating with a match can be tough, so we created our Guided Communication option to help you on your way.

Break The Ice
Unlike other online dating sites that expect you to launch into email communication with another person straight off, eHarmony gives you Icebreakers. You can choose from a selection of preset questions and comments to show your match you’re interested.

Get The Conversation Started
When you’re ready to start communicating you can choose from up to five or a selection of pre-set questions to ask your match. This enables you to find out more about your match without being faced with the daunting task of a blank page to fill.

Work Out What's Important
The next step in our Guided Communication process prompts you to produce a list of 'Must Haves' and Can't Stands'. When you are looking to cultivate a strong relationship you must know yourself well. And it is also important that you know what you want in a partner. Should they be career focused, or plan for lots of spare time? This process helps you focus on what you want from a match.

Be Clear With Your Match
Being honest and open is a central part of the eHarmony experience, and our process helps you tackle those big questions before you become emotionally involved with a match. Some questions can be real deal-breakers and yet people often wait until months into a relationship to ask them. We help you get things clear right from the start with this step.

Open Communication

When you complete the Guided Communication steps with your matches, you'll move into eHarmony Mail, our private, anonymous message system. If Guided Communication is not of interest, you can jump straight to eHarmony Mail and chat freely with your matches.