Why eHarmony dating works

Scientific matching

eHarmony has been successfully matching couples since 2000. We use patented technology and scientific research to bring our single users matches that have genuine potential to lead to a long lasting relationship - and even marriage. We all meet hundreds of people in life, but we will only form a lasting relationship with a few of them. For the others, the chemistry may be there, but the important elements of compatibility that make for a deep connection may not. eHarmony brings you the matches with true potential for a long lasting relationship.

Scientific Research

We know marriage may not be for everyone, but we can certainly learn a lot from studying people who have been in long-term relationships. Why do some succeed and some fail? Why are some relationships happier than others?

In studies of over 5,000 married couples, eHarmony founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren exhaustively researched what makes marriages succeed and fail. He found that chemistry is not enough. Almost all marriages start out with good chemistry, yet so many couples end up unhappy or divorced.

Understanding What Makes Great Relationships

By studying the difference between happy and unhappy couples, Dr. Warren's team of researchers found combinations of our Key Dimensions that help predict great relationships. These include:
  • Core traits like adaptability, curiosity, and intellect
  • Relationship skills, such as conflict resolution
  • Beliefs and Values, such as spirituality and feelings about children

Putting the Knowledge to Work

eHarmony is not simply about dating - it is about creating long lasting relationships. Years of research have gone into the eHarmony system that works out exactly what makes couples in a relationship compatible. Our Compatibility Matching System uses Key Dimensions of your personality to predict how successful your matches will be.