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How to tell if a girl likes you: 7 signs to look out for

by Eharmony Editorial Team - December 1, 2018

Wondering how to know if a girl likes you? Met someone but not sure how they really feel? Here are 7 signs to look out for when you're not sure how to tell if a girl likes you.

There are few things more difficult than meeting someone you like and then trying to figure out whether they like you too. If you’re not ready to ask her outright, don’t worry; we’ve found seven sure-fire signs she likes you more than a friend.

1. She contacts you first

One of the best signs she likes you is that she makes the first move. It couldn’t really be much clearer. If she’s willing to make herself vulnerable, overcome her fear of rejection and contact you first then you can be sure that she’s into you. When a girl likes you and is thinking about you, she’ll want to talk to you. So, even if you do contact her first, if she’s not playing games, she’ll be sure to reply thoughtfully and swiftly.

2. She touches you

Her actions may speak louder than her words. If she finds excuses to touch you, then it’s a great sign that she likes you more than a friend. Depending on her personality and communication style, she might brush her arm against yours or throw a friendly (and soft) punch in the arm. If she’s not ready to tell you that she likes you, she’ll make sure she’s in your orbit; standing or sitting close to you at every opportunity is another sign to look out for.

3. She asks personal questions

One way to tell if she likes you is to pay attention to the types of questions she asks you. Does she stick to general topics and small talk or does she delve deeper? A woman who likes you will want to find out more about who you really are. She’ll be curious about your values and core personality traits; your hopes, dreams and ambitions. And if she’s happy to share personal details and stories with you too then it’s clear that she feels comfortable around you.

4. She makes it clear she’s available

Has she made a point of telling you that she’s single? Has she slipped the fact that she’s open to dating into the conversation? If she’s making sure that you know she’s single – and looking for a relationship – then it’s one of the most positive signs she likes you more than a friend.

5. She teases you

Don’t be surprised if she indulges in some playground tactics to get your attention. Teasing is one of the most common types of flirtation. If she’s lightly mocking your taste in music or wryly commenting on your commute complaints, then she probably likes you more than her words would suggest. And if you want to show her that you feel the same way, tease right back. Just don’t go too far, there’s a fine line between light teasing and being rude!

6. She makes eye contact

Prolonged eye contact is one of the subtler signs she likes you. If she makes a point of making eye contact while you’re talking, or she tries to catch you eye from across a room, then you can be certain it’s not by chance. Making eye contact shows that she’s genuinely interested in you and what you’re saying. Try to return the gesture. Fleeting or sideways glances are often seen as untrustworthy so the more eye contact you give, the more open and honest you’ll appear.

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7. She laughs at your jokes

When a girl likes you, she’ll pay you extra attention and want to make it clear that she thinks highly of you. One of the easiest ways she can do this is to laugh at your jokes – even the bad ones! She wants you to know that you’ve impressed her and to make you feel good, which wouldn’t be a concern if she didn’t like you. It’s a win/win. If you don’t think the signs are there then don’t worry, start free dating with eharmony and meet compatible matches today!

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