10 First Date Questions You (Probably) Haven’t Thought Of


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One of the great things about internet dating is that it gives you the chance to go into your first date armed with more than a face and a name. Unfortunately that probably means that you’ve already covered the obvious questions – the ‘what do you do for work?’ and ‘what’s your favourite food?’ type. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few you can keep up your sleeve for your first date – and we promise they’ll give you a little more insight than your date’s culinary preferences.

If you could learn one new skill, what would it be?

Most people have something they wish they knew more about – programming, a second language or even how the universe works. You can learn a lot about someone by talking about the things they wish they knew more about. It’ll also give you a good starting point to plan out some future dates (Science Museum anyone?).

Do you have siblings? And if you do – where do you sit in the family line-up?

Only child, youngest, oldest, piggy in the middle. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know that your childhood has a big impact on you later in life. Questions like these can give you valuable insight into your date – as well as giving you a quick family roster to keep in mind for later.

What’s been your best and worst nickname?

Ok, so no one wants a date to harp on about their childhood. But, this is a particularly good question, so it’s worth asking. It gives your date the chance to mock themselves a little, and if they’re able to do it good naturedly it’s a great sign that they’re the easy-going, confident type.

If you could move abroad, where would you go?

This question separates the dreamers from the realists, the explorers from homemakers. It’s also pretty useful if you’re the type who might like to head for foreign shores at some point in your future.

Who’s on your celebrity free-pass list?

You know the list, the one that means you’re allowed to run off with a celebrity if they’re on the pass list. Besides the fact that it’s often quite good fun, it’s also interesting to find out who your date picks – do they pick the beefcake? The metrosexual? The natural beauty? The supermodel? Although, we don’t recommend asking this if you’re the type to get a little jealous!

If I put your iTunes on shuffle, what’s the most embarrassing song that could play? And the best?

There’s a lot you can tell from someone’s taste in music. And even more from their secret guilty favourites too. Plus, it’s always useful to discover if you share a taste for the same music, and at the very least, you’ll be able to find out in advance if you need to hide your Meatloaf collection or not.

What’s a dating red-flag for you?

Not only will the answer to this question reveal lots about your date it also help you avoid any potential pitfalls. Watch out for people with particularly shallow answers, it doesn’t bode well for the future!

What’s your ‘go to’ meal when you’re cooking at home?

Everyone’s got one, and it’s a good way to find out how skilled your potential partner is in the kitchen. Don’t worry, you’re completely within your rights to tease them if their answer includes a microwave.

What’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

You probably won’t learn the inner workings of your date’s mind with this one, but it’s a good ice-breaker and lets you talk about past dating situations in a relaxed and non-pressured way.

What’s your dream job?

Sometimes asking your date what they’re doing for work now isn’t the best question to ask. Lots of people are on their way to achieving their dreams – you’d be surprised how different they often are to their current job. And you never know what future goals you share.

Helpful? Let us know how these questions go down on your first date!



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