Mature men: 10 good reasons to date one


mature men

While older men rarely need much persuasion to consider dating someone significantly younger, the thought process for women seeking mature men is less clear-cut.  Can you easily trade youthful good looks, vigour and shared cultural touchstones for a mature man’s life-experience, calmer outlook and, perhaps, greater affluence? eharmony helps you decide. 

1) A little more conversation

The more mature man has half a lifetime of books, films, experiences and memory to call on: at the very least you should expect a better class of anecdote. Although do draw the line at lengthy recollections of a 1970s childhood or the finer workings of a Ford Capri’s carburetor; alas, the power to realise when you’re droning on has little correlation with age.

2) It’ll make you feel young

Feeling time’s cold hand on your shoulder? Rejuvenate yourself by spending your evenings with someone 10 years older, listening to stories about a land before Amazon, dating apps and avocado brunches. More seriously, ageing worries take up too much of our headspace and having a close-by example that growing old need not be a disaster is reassuring.

3) Hey, good lookin’

That ageing discriminates against women might not be unarguable but tell it to George Clooney. Provided a mature man stays in shape and eats healthily, the body of a 50-year-old might not be hugely dissimilar to that of someone 15 years younger. That this is rampantly unfair is a moot point compared to the pleasures of having a well-groomed, well-dressed silver fox on your arm.

4) A calmer, classier social life

Twice-weekly nights on the tiles might not be your thing and neither are they a common habit for more mature men. If you’re tired of throwing half your disposable income to sundry bar staff and club gatekeepers, the attraction of more relaxing dates and quiet nights in could be obvious. On the flipside, he may have forgotten how to have fun and it’s your job to reeducate him.

5) He has his own place

Housing is perhaps the defining social issue for a millennial generation who routinely pay out up to 40% of their income on rent in the first decade of their careers. For most people under 35 who aren’t still living with their parents, accomodation can be a wearying treadmill of shared houses, rack-renting landlords and arguments over who left the bathroom in such a state. Previous generations certainly had it easier: according to the estate agent Savill’s, 75% of privately owned UK housing equity is now owned by the over 50s. Which means a partner with his own marvellously private four walls is a bonus to be treasured.

6) He’s been around the block

Making any life-changing decision – ditching a job, moving house, severing a friendship – is nerve-racking first time around. Your partner, however, may have gone through all of the above and more many times over. There’s a reason people in middle-age tend to have a calmer outlook on life: the accumulation of major choices made, for better or worse, bestows a degree of equanimity not available to the young. You may find him a valuable source of advice, particularly when it comes to learning from mistakes.

7) Better sex, maybe?

Yes, we all know that men hit their sexual peak in their twenties and women much later (although this has been disputed) but regardless, is swapping stamina and misdirected enthusiasm for knowhow and sensitivity really such a bad deal? Mature men have had enough practice to know what works and what doesn’t and you can be the beneficiary.

8) More money, more fun

Let’s be frank: few of us willing to consider a mature partner think money doesn’t matter. While the threadbare existence of, say, a young but struggling artist may have its romantic appeal, this does not transfer to a penniless loafer in his 50s. It should be expected that an older man, at or near the peak of his career, might have more disposable income than somone on the career ladder’s bottom rungs. That is, unless, he has been financially hamstrung by divorce, an all-too-common phenomenon.

9) He knows how to spell commitment

The ageing lothario is a well-worn cliche but in reality, most mature men realise that time for playing the field is short. If he is serious about you, it’s likely you’ll know it sooner rather than later and find the ball squarely in your court.

10) Mirror, mirror

Male vanity never disappears entirely but looking after your appearance in middle-age is often more a maintenance task than a quest for dramatic improvement. Having said that, part of the fun of dating someone older is dragging their perceptions of fashion and grooming into the current age. Going clothes shopping can be a vitalising experience for both of you, as long as you can resist the pitfalls of dressing mutton as lamb.

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