10 Reasons Why it’s Easier to Date in your 30s than 20s


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It’s a common misconception that dating is easier when you’re younger. In fact, there are numerous reasons why having a few more years under your belt makes you more suited to being in a relationship. Have a look at the 10 reasons below and see why being a little older can make you a more successful dater.

1. You know what you want in a partner

With a bit of dating experience, you’ll have a much better idea of the qualities that are important to you in a potential partner. This makes it much easier to work out when you’ve met someone special.

2. You’re at your most confident

Your 20s are the years when you do a lot of soul-searching. By the time you reach your 30s you really work out who you are. This naturally leads to you being more confident as you’re comfortable in your own skin.

3. You’re financially secure


As you enter your 30s you’ve had time to build a career and financial independence. This means that you can be an equal partner in any relationships you choose to have.

4. You know how to plan a good date


After going on a variety of dates you know what makes a good one. You’ll have the knowledge to plan a great date and wow any potential partners.

5. You’re more mature


More confidence in yourself is normally coupled with greater emotional intelligence. This means that you’re better-equipped to take on the challenges of a relationship.

6. You know what you want in life

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As you gain experience throughout your life, you’ll have had time to work out what you want. Knowing what matters to you and makes you happy puts you in a great position to start a new relationship.

7. You’re more body confident


As you get more comfortable in your own skin you have fewer body hang-ups. Don’t forget that confidence is sexy!

8. You’re more settled


When you’re in your 20s you’re more likely to move around, perhaps to study, or for work, or to travel for an adventure. It goes without saying that it’s easier to date and maintain a relationship when you’re both in the same place.

9. You’re more broad-minded

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With a few more years under your belt you’ll have met a wide variety of people. This means you’ll be more open-minded to dating people you wouldn’t have considered in your 20s. A broad-minded approach makes it more likely that you’ll meet a great partner.

10. A relationship is a positive addition to your life

When you’re in your 20s you may feel social pressure to be in a relationship. As you get older you will realise that you can have a full life without a partner. This means that any relationship you do choose to have will be positive as you’re entering into it for the right reasons.

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