15 reasons to date a barista


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There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Unless, that is, it’s the smell of fresh coffee being made by the man or woman of your dreams. We asked our friends at Costa to share 15 reasons why dating a barista is always a good idea

1. We’ve got an Italian heritage

That Italian passion is in our jeans…we mean genes.

2. We handcraft all our drinks at Costa

So we’re good with our hands. Enough said.

3. We always have a faint whiff of Eau de Coffee

You’ll always wake up smelling the coffee. Literally.

4. …And while we’re on that subject

You’ll always get a perfect cup of handcrafted coffee in the morning.

5. We’re very enthusiastic and always have a spring in our step

Or at the very least, we’re highly caffeinated.

Date compatible baristas

6. We’ll always add some sweetness to your life

Especially with all the different flavoured latte options.

7. Latte art is fun to craft and hard to master

But you’ll always have our <3

8. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little dose and grind

A Costa dose and grind check ensures our coffee will be top notch. What do you think we meant? Mind out of the gutter!

9. With so many customer orders and things to remember

You can guarantee that we’ll never forget your birthday

10. We’re a smiley, chatty bunch

So will definitely get on with your friends and family.

11. We’ve seen so much spilled milk

We don’t tend to cry over it.

Date compatible baristas

12. With different shift patterns

We’re used to being flexible.

13. We’re always there to have a coffee and cake with you

Especially important in times of need.

14. We’re great on a night out as we’re always up for an extra shot

You don’t need to ask us twice.

15. It doesn’t matter if it’s Primo, Medio or Massimo, it’s what’s inside that counts.

We never think one size fits all.

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