15 reasons to date your Pret crush


Pret A Manger

Whether you see visit every morning for your flat white or can’t resist treating yourself to a posh cheese and pickle, you’re probably already in a close relationship with Pret. But what about their employees? We asked our friends at Pret A Manger to share 15 reasons why you should consider dating one of their team members

1. They know how to make the perfect latte

Say goodbye to your instant coffee and hello to Pret’s organic latte. It’s Pret’s most popular coffee worldwide, so you know that your date will be an expert barista.

2. They get a 50% discount on food

Your favourite sandwich for half the price?! Say no more.

3. They love to smile

Pret team members are famous for their smiles – even at 8am on a Tuesday. You can count on them to lift your mood when you’re feeling down.

4. They know to make other people smile

If you’ve been lucky enough to get something free from Pret, you’ll know they’re encouraged to spread a little joy by offering a hot drink or treat on the house. It’s all about random acts of kindness.

Date compatible baristas

5. They’ll always remind you to take a reusable cup (and save 50p!)

Environmentally conscious? Pret doubled their discount for customers who bring in a reusable cup at the beginning of this year. If they can help you save the planet while saving money, surely that means they’re a keeper?

6. They’re very tidy

Anyone who’s worked in a coffee shop knows how important it is to keep everything clean and tidy – an attribute that everyone would love in a partner!

7. They’ll always be up to date on the latest food and drink trends

Get ready to impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of turmeric lattes, activated charcoal, and milk alternatives.

8. They’re hard working

Whether it’s an early or late shift, they’re always working hard. They’re also going places; Pret team members progress quickly thanks to the company’s excellent training courses at the Pret Academy.

9. They’ll inspire you

And will open your eyes to the benefits of helping others – Pret donates any unsold food to local homeless charities at the end of each day.

Date compatible baristas

10. They get a weekly bonus

So, you might be in for a few extra treats!

11. They have a great memory

Most Pret baristas can remember up to 14 different orders at once, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll remember all your family’s names.

12. They can talk to anyone

Making people feel at ease and knowing how to chat to pretty much everyone comes naturally to a Pret team member, which means you’ll never have to worry about leaving them in a room full of your friends.

13. They’re team players

Relationships involve teamwork, so it’s important to know that you can always count on your partner. Pret’s key ingredient is its people and teamwork is a crucial part of its success.

14. They know how to multi-task

…which is an admirable skill in anyone!

15. They work well under pressure

They can handle a queue of customers and 14 different coffee orders without breaking a sweat.

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