15 reasons to date a travel agent


Travel agents spend their time trying to bring other peoples’ dreams to life. While it might be a bit much to say that they make every day a holiday, there are plenty of solid reasons to invite one into your life.

  1. Travel agents are never tardy. They’ll always arrive approximately two hours before check-in.
  2. They’ll want to impress you. Travel agents are hard-wired to get people what they want, and with the minimum of fuss.
  3. Dates will always go smoothly. Expect pre-arranged travel to and from the venue, and to be greeted with a guy holding a placard with your misspelt surname on it.
  4. Travel agents are adept at gauging people’s reactions. This means they’ll never bang on about something that you’re clearly not interested in.
  5. They’re good at negotiating. Whether it’s finding the lowest price for concert tickets, or working out who’s doing the washing up, a travel agent will always be up for a little haggling.
  6. Planning comes easily to them. Travel agents can have your life organised within minutes of meeting them.
  7. They always have that just-been-on-holiday look. Part of their job description is visiting hotels, resorts and restaurants – often in exotic destinations.
  8. They’re worldly. A travel agent will never commit a cultural faux pas or turn their nose up at something ‘foreign’.
  9. Travel agents are unflappable. Whatever goes wrong on your date, they’ll be able to smooth it over.
  10. You’ll have amazing trips away. It goes without saying that travel agents have access to all the best holiday deals. Surely that’s why they do it?
  11. Travel agents are trained to put other peoples’ needs before their own. This makes them easy to spend time with.
  12. They’re easy to introduce to friends and family.  After all, everyone likes talking about their holidays.
  13. Travel agents are good with money. Give them a list of things you want to do and a bag of cash and they’ll make it happen.
  14. They’re relatively uncomplicated. Any baggage they do come with will fit comfortably into an overhead locker.
  15. Travel agents have a well-developed sense of adventure. Years of organising exciting activities in far-flung parts of the world usually means they seek out excitement in their own lives.


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Are you a travel agent or have you ever dated one? Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments.

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